Monday, September 14, 2009

Barbara Padilla's Got Talent and Class

Winners Win and Losers Lose

Barbara Padilla, for people who have not been watching America's Got Talent this Summer, is a cancer survivor who has wowed America with a beautiful indomitable spirit, and an amazing operatic, singing voice. She is a winner, no matter how the voting goes in the finals. She got the crap kicked out of her by a disease, probably had her pity parties, and tears, and then picked herself back up, because she had a young child, and a husband who loved her, but who also needed her.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Many people who take cases to Human Rights Tribunals/Commissions have no choices that they know about. HRCs/HRTs do a good job of marketing, to create demand. But, a lot of losers take cases to HRCs/HRTs. Why? Because they can.

Barbara Padilla did not have an HRC she could complain to over her illness. She had no real choice but to soldier on, and figure a way out of it, and she did, and the world is a better place for it. That lady can sing, and she inspires others to overcome their difficulties.

When someone takes a Stephen Boissoin to Kangaroo Kourt over a letter to the Editor of a small town newspaper, and some brainless operative of the Kourt finds Boissoin guilty, there is no inspiration to any of us by the outcome, other than to want to fight back.

Winners win and Losers Lose. Stephen Boissoin will never quit, and Darren Lund will never win, regardless of the outcome of silly HRC decisions. This is much bigger than Darren Lund and his Complaint.

When some postie in Toronto takes offence at being stopped by a big white policeman named Constable Michael Shaw, and wins because some Kangaroo Kourter in Ontario can't see the forest for the trees, there is no joy in Mudville over that one either.

Winners win and Losers Lose. Michael Shaw will never quit, and Ronald Phipps will never win, regardless of the outcome of silly HRC decisions. This is much bigger than Ronald Phipps and his Complaint.

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