Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rob Anders on the Bandwagon

No Holds Barred

Liberal activist David Leipert, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Calgary is offended by pamphlets produced by MP for Calgary West Rob Anders. They must be good then. Read on.

Here is what the offending pamphlet, one of a series of 10 said that got his goat:
Canadians can take pride in the “English Common Law” justice system, which we inherited from our ancestors. The fundamentals of justice, such as knowing your accuser, being innocent until proven guilty, protection from frivolous complaints and truth as a defence, are common sense for most Canadians. However, these fundamentals of justice are now under attack.

Under section 13 of the so-called “Human Rights” code, Canadians have been prosecuted for holding personal beliefs which offend radical Muslim Imams and liberal activists. Sadly, Canadians who have been hauled before these Human Rights Commissions cannot exercise their full legal rights. No wonder the human rights tribunals have a nearly 100% conviction rate! I’m working to fix this problem and I need your help.

Rob Anders, MP Calgary West.
Here's what else he had to say:
Q: How does the Human Rights Commission silence free speech?

A: Under section 13 of the Human Rights Code, people will be charged for holding or stating beliefs which may be offensive.

That’s right—you can be charged with a hate crime if you offend someone!
Truer words have not been spoken by an elected representative of the people. But there is more from Member Anders:
Unfortunately, the assault on free speech should not come as a
surprise. Here’s what Human Rights Commission agent Dean Steacy said…

"Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value."
Dean Steacy is going to be munching on those words that are from sworn testimony the rest of his life.

And the good Member of Parliament was not finished as he went on to say:
A Parliamentary Committee hearing has shed light on the shady work of the Human Rights Commission.

Members of Parliament learned that former human rights commission agents, would join online neo-nazi groups using fake names. The agents would then post racist comments on white supremacist websites in the hopes of baiting someone into making an inflammatory comment. Anybody who responded to his commentary would be charged with a hate crime*.

In a real court system this type of behaviour would be called
entrapment and would not be permitted.

Good stuff, Sir. Thank you for your support.

Another one bites the dust.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Hi, the pamphlets you highlight do not contain the words “It is now illegal to hold opinions that offend radical Muslim activists,” I have now seen 6 of the pamplets, none contain that one dubious statement highlighted by the newspaper article.