Friday, September 18, 2009

Marc Lemire Has Gloves Off

Not Afraid of He Who Will Not Be Named in My Blog

Marc Lemire is savouring his quasi-victory at the Canadian HRC, and quasi is as good as it is likely to get in the short term, so why not. Feeling free as a bird for the first time in several years, he is fighting back, the best way he knows how, over the Internet, and from a blog.

Here is why he thinks HWWNBNIMB in particular and the CHRC were after him briefly from his blog Canadian Human Rights Commission Exposed.

If the CHRC has lost the fear of Section 13 sword of Damocles they have wielded for so many years, then people are free to criticize J Ly and her minions with impunity for their dastardly deeds. Marc Lemire, who as much knowledge as anybody about what it is like to be harassed by the CHRC is most welcome to show a little (likely to be a lot) tit for tat.

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