Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand nephew

What Is It About A New Baby?

Yesterday, my wife, mother in law and I traveled to see our new great grandson/grand nephew in Fergus, Ontario. There I saw a scene I have witnessed numerous times over the years, and each time I marvel at it.

Our new little grand nephew is cute as a button, and only 5 weeks old. My dear wife, with a mother's heart held on to him for hours, just grinning that cheshire cat grins and loving him. She rocked him, she soothed him, and she held him as he slept. It reminded me why I love that sweet lady so much.

New Father and mother beamed with pride at their baby son, and their love for him and for each other was very evident. The new grandparents were filled with love, cooing and touching and holding their first grandchild, and it seems to bring a new closeness to them in their relationship as well. Great grandma got in the act, and beamed at her new little great grandson. Girlfriends of new uncles hugged and cooed at the little fella, while the new uncles were swelled with pride at their first nephew. Another great aunt, who herself is childless got in the act, and thoroughly enjoyed hugging and holding Boy Wonder.

Our one daughter who was there with her partner snapped pictures galore along with the new dad, and looked at this little bundle of joy, soaking up every detail of his appearance and demeanor with the eyes of a baby doll sculptor, which she is, and one of the best in the world as well.

Me, I enjoyed every moment of it, soaking up the atmosphere as much as anything, all the love that was in the place, the good will that abounded, the soft baby skin, that one month old baby look. The hospitality of the family has been abundant to us any time we have visited, but yesterday was different. The miracle of new life permeated the place, and all was well.

This little boy holds all our hopes and dreams for the future, as all little children do. May we love him and them, and pray for them and bring them up to be the miracles that they are.

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