Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What are You Thinking, Jimmy Boy?

Corcorans's Fantasy Unraveling

As Scary Fundamentalist revealed this morning over on the left coast, Jim Corcoran is feeling stressed because Bishop De Angelis used the powers of his spiritual office to respond to the many inquiries that his administrative office has been receiving about the scurrilous charges that Mr. Corcoran has leveled against the Bishop and the "12". Seems they, the Bishop in particular, did not roll over and play dead.

Here's what Mr. Corcoran said on his blog:
This past week was a little stressful as one of the respondents to the HRC case decided to use his office and all of the Catholic Churches in the Peterborough diocese to establish his authority, and my guilt, and to spread his version of recent events that is substantially different than what I perceive the facts to be (sound familiar?).
SF has a well thought out description of what happened at the Inquisitions lo these many years ago, a lot like HRCs they were.

The problem for Jim Corcoran is that his version of the truth is not standing up to scrutiny, and it is part of the battle against the HRCs that must continue. The HRCs are not truth seekers. They are discrimination seekers. When all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, then the whole world is a nail.

First off, Mr. Corcoran got it right when he said "his version of recent events that is substantially different than what I PERCEIVE the facts to be." For people who live in a dream world, perception is reality. But over here in the real world, where people interact as real human beings, the truth is reality.

But, anyway back to the HRC. So, along comes a homosexual man to them. Check Box 1. The HRC has a group that it supports Claims from. Do we have a target? Yes we have a target, a Bishop and 12 parishioners. Check Box 2. Until a few years ago, that's all it took to get a conviction. Some facts, real or made up would help, to fill up the paper work, don't you know.

But, the media are no longer on side with this kind of Kargaroo Justice, nor are the bloggers out here, and the public are getting along side as well. So, it is no longer a skate in the park for the folks like Jim Corcoran who cry wolf whenever their feelings are hurt by the vagaries of life. Perception as reality doesn't cut it anymore. We are interested in the truth, and Jim Corcoran's made up version doesn't cut it, and if it did it's not worth a dime, let alone $260,000. Hurt feelings are a freebie.

If Jim Corcoran had been married outside the church to a woman, and they attended mass at St. Michael's and he wanted to serve on the altar, he would not be allowed to. Would that be discrimination? Nope, just the rules of the Catholic Church, and because he is a white guy, and if he were married to a white woman, he could not complain to Barb's HRC. However, he shouldn't anyway. If you want to join the club, play by the rules, and the referee is the Bishop not the head of the local HRC.

Wake up Jim Corcoran and stop trying to twist the truth to fit your desired outcome. It doesn't work.

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