Friday, September 11, 2009

Socialized Medicine - Privatized Medicine

Which is Better - How About a Return to Our Christian Roots?

Read what John Pacheco over at Socon or Bust has to say. It is very thought provoking.

He writes of the slippery slope of ideology based health care. All of us in Canada have seen the deterioration of quality of care, and increase of wait times, while patients die or suffer needlessly, and doctors and nurses grumble that they do not have the resources to get the job done. While in the US private model, many go unserved who have no health care coverage, and the costs of service are astronomical.

John offers up a radical solution:

So what do you do? First, you stop talking about the ADMINISTRATION of health care and you start talking about the big questions of life…like meaning and ethics and the value of self-sacrifice.

Only a revived Christian ethic which asks and gets a vocational response from its people will meet the needs of health care.

In other words, devoted people who lay down their lives for love of God and men by working in the health care field as a vocation.

It’s not Utopia or wishful thinking either because, for a very long time before the State was involved in health care, that’s what the Christian faith DID. Where do you think many of our hospitals came from?

It is the only thing that will work to increase the supply of health care professionals and other resources while keeping our costs down.

It can work. But there is a price to pay. The West would have to trash its whole philosophical worship of materialism and make a complete about-face. It can be done, but there has to be a turning of the heart first.

The health care problem is of such massive proportions that the kinds of tweaking that US President Obama is trying to accomplish, even at a cost of trillions of dollars, or that our Canadian government does periodically to make it better allegedly, is unlikely to provide any meaningful answers.

Look at the moves here to reduce wait times. Big announcement. Big plan. Notice any major changes. Nope. Me either.

I predict that Health Care Reform the way that President Obama wants to make it happen will either gets scuttled or mangled into something even more complex and difficult to manage than it is now, at over 1,000 pages of pork and rhetoric, all with good intentions.

It is all about the Democratic ideology, as our health care system is about our socialist ideologies. So, it is not really about providing affordable health care to Americans, it's about the Democrats providing a Health Care System of their making to the American people to get and keep themselves elected. Meanwhile, the Republicans are fighting it, not because it is wrong, which it is, but because they need to own it themselves to get themselves elected in the future. The good news (tongue in cheek, that is) about all this is that it is not the American public that is paying for it anyway (not yet at least), but the Chinese and the Arabs who are owed trillions of US dollars, and have to prop up the US economy to protect their investment in their trading partner.

Meanwhile, back here in Canada, our system wallows for lack of a vision, and leadership.

I wonder how much of the lack of a vision in both of our once great North American nations goes back to the religious apartheid of kicking God out of the schools in the US in 1962, and our secularizing of our schools here in Canada about the same time.

No God. No Peace. Know God. Know Peace.

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