Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Go Back to Harvard Iggy

We don't need no Stinking Election

This annual election thing is getting boring. Iggy trotted out his chestnut that Harper had caused all of the nation's ills, and it is time to let him go. Wrong boyo. It is time to let you go. If the nation gets another election, I hope it happens in time for you to make it back to Harvard for the winter term.

Please, people of Canada, give us a Conservative majority. This minority nonsense is going on forever and it is too hard to get anything done with all of these pretenders to the throne claiming to be driving the bus.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Iggy should also say sorry for his insulting comments to Canadians, implying that we are not proud to wear the Canadian Flag outside of Canada. I wear it with pride regradless of where I am. It has become a Liberal past time to try to make the point that if you are not a Liberal you do not believe in Canadian values...I would suggest the opposite is true.