Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If Gadhafi Were Stephen Boissoin's or Marc Lemire's Father

Perish the Thought But Imagine the Consequences

Moammar Gadhafi is not my idea of a fun guy, and his son and wife might not be my cup of tea either. While the son and daughter in law were visiting in Geneva last Fall, they were arrested for beating two of their servants in a Geneva luxury hotel. That kind of thing is not on, in Suisse.

Daddy was not pleased, so he submitted a proposal to the UN to have Switzerland divvied up between France, Italy and Germany. A little harsh, don't you think? The UN rejected his proposal. Not sure why.

Gadhafi remained undaunted, and recalled diplomats, pulled $5 billion from Swiss banks, and threatened to cut off oil supplies. Oh, he also detained 2 Swiss businessmen and won't let them leave Libya, without an apology for the arrest of his son, Hannibal.

Swiss President Merz traveled to Libya a few weeks back to kiss some Libyan butt, but he was rebuffed.

Now the Swiss are calling for his resignation and blaming him for screwing up the peace mission. Blame the messenger. Boy, has that guy got power.

In one way, it's too bad Stephen Boissoin or Marc Lemire aren't related to the great one (Not Gretzky). Could have saved a lot of money and time, theirs not ours.

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