Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Letter

The Stephen Boissoin Case at the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench

Red Deer is a nice city in Alberta we know
not much more than a good home for some.
Till Stephen Boissoin wrote The Letter, and Lund took offense
Now human rights hotbed it's become.

Now it didn't start there. It goes back further than that.
To when things were going real good.
Stephen was pastoring youth in the town
Giving all he had for the kids in the 'hood.

His specialty was listening to what's going on
To being friend to one and all.
With his ear to the street, a situation emerged
Someone was going to have to take the fall.

The kids were concerned about something at school
That made them feel anxious and sad.
Someone was teaching homosexuality out of context
Making hetero's feel icky and bad.

The teacher was stuffing an agenda down their throats
The kids were feeling submerged.
So, Stephen wrote The Letter to the Advocate as we know
And manure and fan blades converged.

Darren Lund took offence, not because he was gay.
He was teaching this stuff to the young.
He didn't want to be questioned about his methods or means.
Dog gone. He was having too much fun.

Lund filed a complaint. Gays backed off in droves.
They didn't want to inhibit free speech.
They didn't like what Steve said, didn't agree with a word
But not his right to speak it, they'd breach.

Lund soldiered on when the HRC first dropped the case
Determined to win was he.
So, he got Stephen his day in court after many years
Well it turned into five actually.

Five days of BS and nonsense galore
Stephen sat there and took it on the chin.
When all was said and done, more said than done
The Panel Chair walked out with a grin.

The Chair, Lori Andreachuk from Lethbridge, QC
A divorce lawyer, political hack, up to no good.
Way over her head on this case she was.
Should have let it go when she could.

But, in too deep, she rendered her words
A decision she will come to regret.
Because this is a case that will stand out forever,
And her name history will not soon forget.

She ordered Stephen to pay money to Lund
Which might happen when cows leap the moon.
Then if he ever spoke again about gays from the pulpit
That, dear boy, would be too soon.

It didn't take long for the hue and the cry
To echo across the land.
Stephen Boissoin, on behalf of us all
Had really and truly been had.

His lawyer, Gerry Chipeur was on the bandwagon
Filing the proper appeal.
"If lunacy like this is allowed to go by,
Free speech as we know it's not real."

Gerry wrote a brief, an impassioned plea
Full of argument, and facts galore.
And if his brief was too brief, not detailed enough
In his pocket, he's got plenty more.

He wrote that the decision was outside the law
ultra vires he calls it, not the flu.
Lori invented the decision out of thin air.
This girl just stepped in her own do.

She was way off the res on the decision she wrote
No idea what she was thinking that day.
But, the province backed off from the Appeal
Said, not us. They just up and walked away.

They left Lund alone to fight for his cause
With not as much as good bye.
Don't let the door hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya
Now ain't that a pie in the eye.

Chipeur is rolling, after big game,
Not just overturning the decision.
He's after the Alberta law that's behind it.
He's grinding at it with precision.

He says Section 3(1) is bad law from the start
And its also unlawful to boot.
He wants it gone from the law of the land.
Rip it out by the root.

Appeal courts are like all courts.
They can be fickle things.
We just hope and pray that when Stephen has this day
Mr. Chipeur his A game he brings.

The Decision will be what the Decision will be
The biggest thing to do is pray.
But I know for a fact that Stephen's tapped out
So, you could send him some money today.

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