Friday, June 26, 2009

Pride or Not

What's Pride Got to Do with It

A friend sent me these links from the Toronto Sun, Extra, and Life Site News. They are about the expected gathering of about 400,000 for the Gay Pride stuff in Toronto going on now.

The comment attached was "I am all for discriminating against these sick freaks."

The reason behind the comment was that during the Parade and festivities in the past, police have turned their heads away from public nudity of parade participants, and sexual behaviour that is illicit in this country. Apparently, they may not this year. We will see.

My comment to the friend who sent me the links and the comment follows.

I am not for discriminating against these people. I am very much in favour of them being treated as I would be if I behaved as they are going to on Yonge Street in Toronto. In other words, if they walk around nude as some have in the past, wearing only sandals, and either simulate or actually participate in sexual acts, they should be arrested. That is the law of the land, and it is a good law, meant to protect us from being subjected to behaviour that is not acceptable in public in our society.

If the Police of Toronto do not arrest them, or are instructed to not arrest them, then they are in fact discriminating against me, since they would arrest me if I were to do the same thing a week later on the same street, and they should.

Gay people should have to live by the same rules as straight people. That is what I expect to see.


Anonymous said...

Nudity at Gay Pride Parades, including the one in Toronto is a regular occurrence as are sexual acts and/or mock sexual acts. All one has to do is a little reseach on these events.

Gay Pride Parades are lewd and crude and clearly celebrate the perverse nature of homosexuality. These parades celebrate gay sexuality, gay sex etc etc. Just look at many of the floats where goofy looking men wearing almost nothing dance around like amateur strippers.

The whole thing is twisted but should anything else be expected. The participants are equally twisted...a strange bunch of people certainly not the pride of our society.

mbrandon8026 said...

However, the rest of us in our society have a right to have the laws of our society that would be applied to those of us who are not a part of the Pride Parade applied to those who are part of the Pride Parade and Festivities.

If we do not speak up, and point out this inequality, who is going to?

Anonymous said...