Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back to Reality - Redux

Yesterday I posted "Back to Reality."

Stephen Boissoin, who anyone reading my blogs or Ezra Levant's or those of others who are incensed at the actions of the Alberta HRC against him, responded as he has so graciously to a few of my postings. Rather than leave his very meaningful response buried as a comment, I have reproduced it here as a separate entry, for a couple of reasons.

One, I would like my readers to see that here is a man, bloodied but not bowed by the insanity of the actions of the Alberta HRC against him. Two, his approach is a common sense approach to the fact that we are all different, and we have rich, long held beliefs that are important to us, and do not deserve to be minimized because they might hurt some poor baby's feelings.

"You said, "It is true that no one should be discriminated against, NO ONE. But, the way out of discrimination is getting to know each other, and to learn to accept the differences."

I agree that we should not discriminate by preventing one from receiving equal medical care, education, social services etc etc but I do not believe that it is beneficial to make everyone FEEL good about their behaviour as is being pushed on us to do today.

Based on my personal beliefs and my beliefs as a Christian, I must discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad, safe and unsafe, wise and unwise behaviour or the propagation of such behaviours as right.....especially because these behaviours cause harm to mankind. Expressing these beliefs may cause some to feel discriminated agaisnt due to behaviours they choose to act out that contradict my beliefs.

We can co-exist to some extent and be at peace doing so BUT we cannot agree on everything and if we are to co-exist in peace then we must be able to BELIEVE and EXPRESS our differences. We can disagree and even dislike or hate opposing opinions, while at the same time wishing no harm.

I hate certain behaviours but I would still do good as God directs to those who live out ways I do not agree with.

Problem is.....we are being forced to believe that hurting feelings is causing great harm.

Today I am told that holding to and expressing my traditional Christian values is unnacceptable. My government is attempting to FORCE me to remain quiet. I am discriminated against and my feelings are hurt but do I have equal Why, I am a Christian that believes in the Word of God and praise God for His mercy that I do."

All I can add to that is: "All you who have ears to hear, listen."

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