Friday, June 19, 2009

NS Man Going to HRC over Access to Timmy's Coffee

Now It's a Human Right to Have Your Timmy's Coffee

Tim Horton's stores as a policy do not allow people on scooters to pull up to the drive through windows any more, citing safety concerns. OK, fine.

But Dave Matthews in Lower Sackville, NS loves his Timmy's coffee, and plans to take them to the NS HRC because he feels shut out, since he is restricted to getting around on his scooter.

You know that this has all gone too far, when anybody in their right mind thinks that this is a Human Rights issue, and I do not mean Dave Matthews in particular.

It's a bit of a business problem, that is turning into a PR problem for Tim's, that they should be able to resolve to Dave's satisfaction, but it is not a Human Rights issue.

But watch, if it becomes a Human Rights issue, it will be investigated for about 2 1/2 years, then adjudicated for another 1 1/2 years. Then Dave will get $1.37 times 7 (coffees per week) times 108 (weeks in 4 years) for the number of coffees he missed in the mean time, plus a penalty award for pain and suffering (caffeine withdrawal), say another $2,000 all tax free. All the Sackville Tim's employees will get to do sensitivity training for some obscure reason, and there will be cute little cards on the tables in the store reminding the local citizenry about their Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Oh, and the local franchisee and master franchisor will pay about $100,000 in legal fees defending themselves along the way, while Dave feeds the press the ongoing saga on a regular basis.

This is really a no win situation for everybody but the NS HRC, where they get to keep their employment numbers up. Dave does without caffeine for 4 years. Tim's loses reputation and business.

My advice to Tim Horton's while I sit here and sip my double double decaf is to Make Dave a happy customer. It's far faster, far easier, and far cheaper, and much better for business, and keeps the government from meddling in your business and your personal lives. Otherwise proceed at your own peril.

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