Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you want the Truth Suppressed?

If You want to see the Truth Laid Waste Stand By and Watch - Otherwise Speak Out

Unless you have been asleep lately, you have seen Ezra Levant making a fool of attempts by the Canadian HRC to suppress the truth, and make it inconvenient. Boy does the concept of Canadian Warming and Inconvenient Truth bring up other images to me.

You have seen how the lawyers of the Canadian HRC have said that the truth is less important than how people feel as Simon Fothergill expressed in the Lemire case last Fall, and how Free Speech is an American Concept as mouthed by Dean Steacy of the Canadian HRC. Now, their noble leader has put her own spin on things by making ridiculous statements into whole cloth for you to believe that she and her minions are protecting you from something that you need protecting from that mystifies me and many others - THE TRUTH.

She wants to be able to criminalise the TRUTH, if she does not like it. I can't believe I even wrote that here in Canada and that it is a factual statement. How absurd does it get?

While I was in the USA for the winter (why did I come home?) I participated in a Red Envelope Campaign that saw over 2 million red envelopes arrive at the white house protesting abortion in a gentle way. I have in mind a similar white envelope campaign to send to our Prime Minister in the Fall (whoever he might be at that time) to try and draw more attention to this mess we call the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

I do not want to prevent Gay people from having their say, but I do not want Christians or Jews to have their right to free speech hampered either, just because what they have to say is in disagreement with what Gays have to say. Let me tell you, a lot of what I have heard from Gay activists hurts my sensitivities. But some of what sensitive Gay people have to say touches my heart and sparks dialogue. What Marc Lemire has to say does not inspire me a lot of the time, but sometimes he strikes a nerve, and I believe he has a right to speak even if I disagree with him. This hierarchy of free speech that is going on in this country sucks big time, when a pastor in Red Deer (Stephen Boissoin) is supposed to apologize to the town scold, who is not even an aggrieved party for having spoken out about his concerns about a homosexual activits agenda in his town.

How long are the people of Canada going to be "running helter skelter to destruction with their fingers in their ears" as singer songwriter Don Francisco wrote some time ago.

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