Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comment Deserves a Blog Entry

I went to Church this morning and was thinking about this whole thing, and realised that it is not about discrimination at all. So the comment I received to the previous blog entry was food for thought.

Anonymous said: "You said: First Principles. People should not be discriminated against PERIOD. By the way, that includes me, even though I am a white anglo saxon male heterosexual Christian. I have a right to not be discriminated against, and more than that I have a responsibility to not discriminate against my fellow man."

I interrupt for a moment to say that I realise that I was naive in my previous blog entry. Call it a brain f?rt. We as humans are discriminatory in our choices all the time, and that is not by and large a bad thing, but needs further discussion which I am not up to at the moment. What was I thinking. In a word, I wasn't. Sorry about that. During part of the blog I was. After I was, but during the first principles part, not so much.

"Then I ask you a couple of questions:

1. If I own a basement suite in my home, should I be within my rights to refuse a gay couple to rent my suite because of my personal and religious beliefs?

2. If a youth pastor who has worked at a church for years opens up about being gay and having sexual relations with other men/man should the church be able to fire him?

It would also appear to me that according to the Bible God discriminates.

As a Christian, I am to be an example of Christlike love to my brothers and sisters and of service to my community. I am to be loving, giving, caring and encouraging but I am to discriminate against right and wrong and in doing so I will inevitably be put into positions where I must explain my beliefs and even set boundaries that will be perceived as bigoted, hateful, judgemental etc. etc. to some.

Anyone who thinks that we can be Christians and be liked or accepted by everyone is incorrect and probably not living out their faith the way called to within God's word.

Scripture is clear that we will be persecuted on earth or righteousness sake and for believing in Jesus."

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Man, I need a proof-reader. Pardon the typos in my previous comment.