Friday, June 26, 2009

OK I'm Back, But on a Summer Schedule

'Splain me Lucy

I cannot handle stress, and when I feel stress, I get forgetful, and have had a number of episodes lately where I have forgotten where I am, or why I am there, or what I am trying to do. This scares me when it happens. It is not because of the Blog, though it became a stressor for me. I just need to deal with the Blog better, so will Blog when I can, which will be much more relaxed.

I am responding to this comment I got yesterday:

Anonymous said... In her speech, does Jennifer Lynch ever once admit to fault on behalf of the HRC? Not that I can read. She defends their actions and while completely failing to mention the great human rights attrocities that have occurred to people like me and others, she accuses others of false comment about the HRC. I do not understand your criticisms against those who have spoke out against her. The HRC deserves no mercy in the public arena, nor do those that defend them.

My response is as follows:

I have no problem with speaking out against Jennifer Lynch and others in the HRCs for what they say and do that is unfair. But, there is a balance between humour, and satire in the midst of political commentary which someone like Ezra does very well, and name calling and outdoing each other with t-shirt slogans that goes beyond the job to demean the person. Slam the job. Slam the job the person is doing, but respect the dignity of the person.

Jennifer Lynch is a creation of God as much as you or I are, and as such is as loved by Him/Her as you or I are, and as deserving of that love as you or I are. We cannot earn God's love. It is as free a gift as salvation.

There is significant evidence that the HRCs of our country are not treating the people who reside in this country with equanimity, that there is a hierarchy of rights, regardless of what they say to the contrary. Bring it out into the open, logically, passionately even, with humour, satire, and invite discourse. When people lie, point it out. When they say stupid things, point that out. But, it is not fair to disparage their character and tie that to the job they are doing.

The HRCs are making the battle with Ezra personal, but Ezra has kept it pretty professional, in my opinion. I believe that is the high road.


Anonymous said...

Ezra has made many disparaging comments...actually so did Jesus Christ.

At times, Ezra has gone out of his way to disparage another.

It comes with the territory. Stick your nose out too far into the political or public arena and someone is going to say something disparaging about you.

I have not read anything about Jennifer Lynch so far that wasn't true according to my perspective.

mbrandon8026 said...

This battle against the HRCs is going to be long and hard, and getting off on tangents that fuel the opposition is of no value.

For Christians and all people of good will, this battle is about the freedom to dialogue about our thoughts and consciences as we see fit, because we love our God/god however we see him or it, and we all worship something.

What I am reading about the words Jennifer Lynch and others have said, testimonies made at tribunals and other hearings and television, radio, newspaper and other media reporting all appears to be true, and generally too contradictory to what many people, myself included, understand the truth to be to go without comment. Fair game. Bring the truth out into the light like it belongs.

I do not have energy to waste at this time in the battle on games playing.

I am not in a position to comment on a person's character, only on the words I see or hear. Jesus Christ could call the Pharisees hypocrites, but he was God made man. I am man period, and lack his insights at this time. If I should have a sudden stroke of divine inspiration and feel compelled to expound on someone's character, I will likely do it here.