Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pray for Your Persecuters

I don't know for sure what the Question is but Prayer is the Answer

A friend suggested that regularly I remember to pray in this endeavour, or maybe I suggested it and my friend agreed, or maybe we came to the conclusion coincidentally.

Kenneth Copeland, a Charismatic preacher who I listened to early after I had a serious conversion many years ago often says: "The success of any Christian endeavour is a prayer success. The failure of any Christian endeavour is a prayer failure." I believe that to be true, though the definition of success in God's eyes and mine has often been different as has the timing.

Most of you who read my blog do so because you, like me are concerned that the HRCs are not enhancing the Human Rights of the people of Canada but damaging them. The are doing so by working at limiting free speech and by creating rights that are not real that are harmful to the rights of others, and thereby creating a hierarchy of rights within this country. This is of course an over simplification of the problem.

But the people from the HRCs are actively engaging in a rhetorical battle, as well as in their kangaroo courts against targets like Ezra Levant, Stephen Boissoin, Kathy Shaidle, other bloggers and others as well. They have money, political power, and a strong will to win cultivated over many years of winning. They have been in the driver's seat for many, many years, and are not likely to relinquish it to a bunch of malcontents over a silly palace coup or series of them.

Ezra's release of Shakedown has galvanized some of the opposition to the HRCs and the difficulties that exist with their modus operandi, but this is just the start.

If you, Dear Reader believe that this battle is an important one for our country and its future, then I say this to you. As a Christian I agree with Kenneth Copeland. As a human being, I would like to broaden the perspective. "The success of ANY endeavour is a Prayer Success. The failure of ANY endeavour is a prayer failure." However, you believe in God, I urge you then to pray in particular for the following prayer requests at the moment, with more to come as they are revealed to me by readers and others:

1) for Ezra Levant that he will continue to have wisdom to uncover and speak the truth as it is revealed to him.
2) for Stephen Boissoin that he will prevail this Fall at the Alberta Court of Queens Bench in his appeal of his conviction by the Alberta HRC.

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