Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Canada?

Life is too Serious - Breathe In, Breathe Out, Pause, Repeat as Necessary

I frankly got weary, looking at cases that only made me want to move away to a sane country, preferably warm, where people say what they mean, and mean what they say. And where tinpot dictators, who apparently are mind readers, don't hold the citizens up for ransom for thinking things maybe that are inappropriate.

I mused about seceding my house and lot in London from the city and the country, and declaring it mbrandon8026istan. But, I don't know how to design a flag. I don't have the flag designer version of Print Artist. The name mbrandon8026istan is not that catchy either. What kind of a national anthem would start out: " Oh mbrandon8026istan, my home and". You get the picture.

Also, my wife raised 2 points that interrupted my musing. I want to be Prime Minister. She told me she wanted to be, and we could put it to a vote. The election was a tie. We were going to go to a tiebreaker, but the only ice we could find for the shootout was in the freezer, so we made ourselves a gin and tonic instead. We would be co Prime Ministers.

The other thing is we have six kids between us, and we would want to visit them and they us, and we would need passports, and border guards and all that stuff. The nearest airport and train stations are back in Canada, a few blocks away from us.

They might not take our currency. One thing for sure, I am not having a coin called a looney.

Then it hit me, the answer to the problem. Many of the people in this country are acting like the one dollar coin's nickname. We have decided not to cede, and to see if we can help the people of this country not act like the nickname of the one dollar coin.

You must agree that our HRCs are acting looney, and that there is a lot of looniness going around. Well, if we all call the one dollar coin, just that, then we would say the HRCs are acting one dollar coiny, and that there is a lot of one dollar coininess going around. That would cause a great deal of confusion hopefully at the HRCs, and maybe even enough to distract them from their one dollar coininess.

It's worth a try.

I don't think I was musing. I think I was dreaming. Oh Well!!

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