Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gator Ted and the Doper (Medical Use Only) - Ontario HRC

My license to smoke dope trumps your liquor license UPDATED

Ted Kindos runs, at least for now, Gator Ted's Tap & Grill in Burlington Ontario. Why for the moment? Well, to date in his 4 year battle for his sanity, he has spent over $40,000 defending a nonsense complaint before the Ontario HRC (yes them again), because he did not want to let Steve Gibson, a licensed medical marijuana user, smoke dope by his front door. How insensitive of him!!

Steve Gibson qualifies as a disabled person. Hence the medical marijuana certificate. So, Bad Boy Ted is discriminating against a disabled person, by not allowing him to smoke dope by his front door. It doesn't matter whether it offends Gator Ted's other patrons. They are not probably endangered species, like Stevie Boy, unless Gator Ted were to change his bar to a Gay bar. I am pretty sure that Gay trumps disabled. Hey Ted. I got the answer for you. (I sure hope that Steve Gibson is not Gay).

You can read what Tim Hudak, Niagara West MPP who is running for the leadership of the Provincial PC party, has to say about this bit of fluff and nonsense here.

If Tim Hudak is prepared to go to bat against all the insanity of the Ontario HRC, he might be the guy to have running the PC party here in Ontario. Just a thought. This is not a paid or unpaid political announcement.

Oh, Gator Ted is no fool. In March 2009, he filed a federal court application asking that people permitted by Ottawa to use marijuana for health reasons remain subject to provincial laws. He wants the court to declare he doesn't have to serve such users when doing so would violate the Ontario Liquor Licence Act, putting him at risk of losing his business. The act says he can't serve anyone possessing a banned substance. If he is successful with this route, it will trump the Ontario HRC, he says. Good luck with that Ted. These people don't care about the law. They make it up as they go along.

But the real issue is Gator Ted's. I'm not making this stuff up. If you are in Burlington, drop by his place at 1505 Guelph Line, and drop a little cash on some some grub and a drink or two. He might need it to fight this nonsense. Or you can drop by his Waterdown location at 419 Dundas St. E., but I don't think there is any dope smoking there. (I am not sure if I mean any dope who is smoking or smoking of dope). This is also not a paid or unpaid advertisement.


Anonymous said...

the whole story is that gator ted stopped this marijuana smoker but allowed the other cigarette smokers to continue smoking within the 9m limit. perhaps he shoulda just told ALL of them to scram and not single out the marijuana smoker?

~the whole story guy

Anonymous said...

Single out the pot smoker...Nice comment.Last I checked pot smoking was illegal tabacco is not. A bar owner should not be put in a position to decide what is right and wrong in society.

Anonymous said...

I frequent this establishment and it's utter nonsense that Ted must fork so much money out of pockey to combat an activity which is againt the provincial and fedreal laws. It's a great bar, he's an excellent host and this while circus shows how absurd the HRC is.