Thursday, October 14, 2021


Trust Me, My Loved Ones - George Sebok

March 2016

My Dear People, you need to allow my Spirit to move freely. Do not step in front of my plan that is in motion. Let go of your ego, your personal plans and allow my Spirit to move freely. 

Are you worried that my direction cannot be discerned? Do not fear but listen to my guidance and I will enlighten the way. I am the sovereign one. 

I am always doing the best with what you have chosen to do. Even though what you choose may be imperfect, perfection will come through my guidance. 

Why are you afraid? Cast that fear away in my name. Take captive your thoughts and ask for my Spirit’s gift of discernment and of wisdom and My knowledge. 

Your heart is right. Do not be deceived. I have shown you what is going on in other people’s lives and thoughts. Do not be afraid to challenge them to listen more deeply to my Spirit.  

The root of sin in your lives must be dealt with in order to hear me clearly. Try your best to remain in the state of grace. 

Ask for my help. I have you on the right path and I will show and enlighten you to you My ways. 

But Lord! What is your way? 

Have you not heard me? I am the Way, the truth and the life. My spirit in you will guide you through My many blessed gifts. Ask and it will be given you, knock and the door will be opened. 

Enter into this new realm of thinking. Do not be intimidated by the evil one nor be discouraged. In your weakness I am strong. I am there to help you. 

The evil one knows the weakness of each one and uses it to bring turmoil and confusion, doubt and hesitation. 

When you see weakness, challenge each other in love and don’t fear. The worst fear is fear itself so speak in love and the barriers will come down with good results. 

Trust me my loved ones. 

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