Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still On The Road Again

Getting Close to Our Winter Home Site

We are settled into Peoria, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix for the night, having spent a day that included Mass at the Parish of el Cristo Rey at Grand Canyon, which was a delightful experience.

We followed that up by moving on to Sedona, which is an interesting tourist focused town, surrounded by much natural beauty. It is also the home of a special chapel called Holy Cross Chapel, which was built into the landscape of the area.

We have pictures galore of our stops at Antelope Canyon in Page AZ, the Grand Canyon, and the surrounding area near Sedona, AZ.  This is some of the most beautiful country in North America, and because we think of Tucson AZ, as our winter home, we take some teensy weensy bit of pride in seeing some more of our adopted (partly) state.

El Cristo Rey Parish has only 37 families who live in the area of the Grand Canyon.  The Chapel is in a converted house in a residential area of the town of Grand Canyon near the Visitor's Center.  The pastor is Father Steve Sedlock, a well spoken man who treats the Eucharist with reverence.  As well, he touched us as he spoke about the readings of the day, particularly rhe Gospel reading about the rich man and Lazarus.  He reminded us that it is our duty to not overlook the poor, and this provided My Dear Wife and I with food for thought as we journeyed today.

Tomorrow, we hope to get to Tucson, and get our motorhome out of storage and situated at Rincon where we stay.

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