Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nice Ride

We Picked up a New Set of Wheels Yesterday

Yesterday, we went out to the pretty city of Stratford, Ontario, about 45 miles from home here in London, where we picked up our new 2010 Honda Accord EX-L. 

We tried to get along with only one car for about a year, but found that there were too many times where one of the two of us was stranded in the house because of commitments that the other had.  So, we bit the bullet and bought a beautiful silver 4 door sedan with black leather interior.

Fundamentally, it is very similar to our other car, a grey 2004 Honda Accord EX-L, with which we remain very satisfied, after almost 190,000 kilometers of driving.

We have had several Honda's as have other family members, since My Dear Wife started this back in 1994, when she purchased the first Honda in our extended family, a Civic.  At the time, I gave her the dickens for purchasing a "foreign" car, when as I said to her, there were Canadian and American auto workers trying to keep their jobs. 

Other makers produce good cars, I am sure, but we are so pleased with the Honda products, that we are committed to saving ourselves stress and pain, by sticking with what we are satisfied with.  Although Honda is a Japanese company, both of our Accords have been made in plants in America, where North American workers build them, and the Civics that we and family members have driven over the last 15 years have all been made locally here in Ontario, with home grown labour.

Our first Accord came from Stratford Honda, and the rustproofing and paint protection was done next door at a Uniglass Plus outlet run by the brother of the dealership owner.  In over 5 years with that first Accord, it has continued to look like new, as we kept up the regular warranty inspections at Uniglass.

We dropped in to Stratford to see the salesman Alan Pfaff just about a week ago, and he gave us a very good price to purchase a new one, and so the next morning we committed to the purchase. 

Yesterday was the day to pick up our new ride.  It handles like a Honda Accord, no surprise there, and rode beautifully home to our place.  We will be heading out to Arizona soon for a pre-winter trip to the RV resort we stay at in the winter, and look forward to the trip with it.

If you are in the market for a new or used car, and a Honda is a good option for you, contact Alan Pfaff at Stratford Honda 519 271-2793 or visit their web site here.

This is neither a paid political or marketing announcement, just a note from a satisfied Honda owner.

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