Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recognizing Jesus in Others

Meditation from Living Faith

Here is the content of the meditation at Living Faith for February 3, 2010.

Yesterday's Gospel reading from Mark Chapter 6: 1-6 included this subsection:
"Where did this man get all this?  What kind of wisdom has been given him . .  Is he not the carpenter . . .?"  And they took offense at him.
I have often thought these words are among the saddest in the gospel.  For thousands of years the world awaits a savior, and when he comes, he doesn't look like they expected; he doesn't act like they expected; he's too vulnerable for their liking; his family origins aren't lofty enough.  And they take offense at him.

Since Jesus has not hands or feet in today's world, he sends many in His name.  And who am I to judge the ones he sends?  I catch myself thinking, this one can't be Jesus because she has this idiosyncrasy or he has that fault or that family background.  And I say to myself, this person is too much like me.  To reject someone Jesus sends in His name is no less sad than the townspeople rejecting Jesus 2,000 years ago.

I stand convicted.  So, I ask you, Jesus, for clarity of vision, for wisdom, for the love to recognize as yours the people you send into my life today.

Sr. Charleen Hug, S.N.D.


Peter Davidson said...

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Michael Brandon said...

Thank you, Peter.

Please tell me, what do the Mormons believe about Jesus Christ?