Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Prophetic Word - Private Revelation

What It Means for those of us Here on Planet Earth

God loves you and me.  You are free to deny this, but you do so at your own peril.  As a loving God, He has spoken through his prophets; He has sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to live among us, and to teach us of His love.  Further, he has inspired writers of the times before Jesus to present the Jewish faith and life for us.  He also inspired writers of the early days after Jesus Death and Resurrection to document his life, and to present in their own words the teachings that He left them with.  These writings were considered canonical at a point in time, and formed a serious component of what is termed public revelation.

The sacred traditions that Jesus handed on, and which the Apostles and the faithful turned into their daily living, and beliefs are also part of the public revelation.  Public revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle.

But, the Church has not been left adrift since then.  The Holy Spirit has inspired believers, and even non believers to draw closer to God, and has also inspired leaders of the Church to document over time things that were held to be true but were not part of the earlier documented tradition or scripture.

But, it does not end there, and we just sit back and wait for an impersonal God to do with us what He wills at some unspecified date.

Not at all!  God has continued to present Himself and His plan for our lives to us through various means, because His desire is that we all spend all of eternity with Him in heaven.  One of the means he has used has been apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our Lord and Saviour.  In these apparitions, and in other appearances by Jesus and the saints, words of instruction have been spoken for the faithful. Another means that God uses has been prophetic words given to certain individuals that are for their own edification and for the edification of the body of Christ.

This type of revelation is called "private revelation", and it is incumbent upon readers and listeners to give private revelation its due, and nothing more.  If a private revelation were to conflict with public revelation, then you could count on it being not from God.

EWTN, the Catholic Television Network has an excellent article on public and private revelation which explains things very well here.

So, at a time when numerous people around the globe are receiving and sharing private revelation the Life in the Spirit blog I created a few years ago for Father Sam Johnston, a retired priest of the London Roman Catholic Diocese is being revisited, and becoming active again.

I started this blog in 2009 to present prophecies that had been received by a woman under Father Sam Johnston's spiritual direction.  This particular woman, Ann Donkers, had passed away, and it was appropriate to put the words that she and Father Sam claimed that she received from the Lord up on the internet where others could see them, read them, and hopefully be inspired by them..

Her personal testimony was one of the posts of this blog early on.

Though the date is not significant of itself, the last post of a prophecy received by Mrs. Donkers was  on September 11, 2010.

But, the mantle of a prophet that Our Lord had placed on Ann Donkers was essentially passed on to another.  So, now there are prophetic words being received in Ridgetown Ontario by another person under Father Sam's spiritual direction.  In fact, these prophetic words have been being received by this person for a few years now, but Father Sam is so certain of their veracity that he wants these to be published as well.

It is my intent to publish these prophetic words for the edification of those who come across them by whatever means.

If Jesus Christ can be born to a humble family in nowhere Israel, then He can speak to a person in Ridgetown Ontario.  You could say: "But, look at the reach He would have if he were to speak to someone in Toronto, or New York, or Tokyo.".  To that I would respond: "He tries every day to speak to people in those places, but they are so busy about their daily activities that they cannot hear his voice over the noise of their own."  Hence, he speaks to a humble servant in a small town in southwesten Ontario.

I will be presenting new prophecies as they are received, but will also publish those from the last four years that this person has received.

With each prophecy that he sees, Father Sam spends aover an hour pouring over every word to ensure that they are authentic words that are consistent with our Catholic Christian faith, to ensure that readers are not misled, and also to absorb God's love for him and for us.

Feel free to follow these prophetic words.  They are located here.

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