Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This prophecy is the most recent one received in Ridgetown Ontario, and is found here in total, though it is reproduced below as each section is described.
Take hold securely the hand of your Blessed and Holy Mother, She will lead you down the shortest and most secure path to Me.

Jesus wants all of those who love him to take His earthly Mother Mary as our own, and to hold tightly to her hand.  Non-Catholic Christians have failed to believe Jesus telling us how important Mary is to our salvation.  If as the Bible says "All generations will call me blessed" in Luke 1:48, then why are Christians so loath to take Mary as their own mother, just as our brother Jesus did?

It is with great sadness that I view many leaving My banquet table, that I have prepared for their food, which will nourish them, as they hunger and thirst for fulfillment in this life.

In this day and age so many are abandoning the practice of Christian faith, sometimes for some other belief, but often replacing it with nothing.  The devil has convinced so many of us that  we do not need religion, that in fact we are our own gods, whether we state it that way or not.

They seek Me in other things and places, or should I say they do not seek Me, but they are looking for happiness apart from Me.

Those who have found their true happiness in a relationship with Jesus know that there is no real happiness found outside of loving Him, and believing in His eternal love for each of us.  We see our brothers and sisters scrabbling out an existence outside of life in Him, and we know that that is just not enough.  It is an illusion, but when it is all you know, you are unable to see it as that.

The rich young man in Scriptures, was seeking how to gain eternal life. He was saddened in the answer that he should sell all he possessed and give the money to the poor and follow Me.

The man was saddened because he could not separate himself from his possessions, he had not found the happiness he sought but, he did not believe that they were causing him to be encumbered by them.

So many of us seek our happiness in possessions, and give at least tacit acceptance to the saying: "The one who dies with the most toys wins."  Actually the one who dies with the most toys just dies, if they have a hold on him, as they cannot help him once he is dead.

We hold on to our possessions like they really matter.  Yet, many of the happiest people in the world have nothing.  We feel sorry for their lack.  They, in turn feel sorry for us for our lack of things that are important.

If you today are seeking a joy from Me, surrender to Me all that you possess or all that is possessing you, I am asking you today to surrender all that is yours, and entrust them to Me.

Ah! The ask.  In sales, and Jesus is nothing if not a great salesman, though He is much more, the ask is where the rubber hits the road.   And this is a big one.  Give Jesus authority over all you possess, so that it does not possess you.  If your car is so important that you park it far away in a parking lot so it will not get a chip in the paint, only drive it on sunny days, and keep it hidden away in a garage most of the time, the car owns you.  The same goes for your wardrobe, your furniture, and all your other things.

I want to give you the joy of freedom of heart and total abandonment from possessions, I am not asking you to leave house and family, but to free yourselves from a closed hand on what you own.

Jesus knows, since He is God, that there is no freedom in the things of this world.  They may be very useful, but beyond their utility and beauty, they are a trap.  Jesus is not specifically asking you to sell everything you own and give it to the poor, though that might be a good idea if your possessions possess you.  But, He is asking your to open your hands and therefor your hearts so that you are free of your possessions, so you will do with them what Jesus wants you to, and give them their proper place as things, not as gods.

If soon it will be asked of you to leave these things behind, it will already have been decided in your heart to have given everything to Me, trusting in My provision of everything you will need.

But, here He tells us that there will come a time when we will have to leave our things behind to follow where He wants us to go.  But, He tells us that we will have been prepared to leave behind our things to follow our heart, and trust in His Divine Providence - not an easy task.

I am to be your everything, thus total peace and joy that surpasses all understanding will be yours.

If He becomes everything to us, we will always be rich in treasure, just not what we have become used to.  To be filled with peace and joy in all circumstances is treasure indeed.

To the world at large this seems to be total absurdity, since they do not comprehend the invisible reality of God working among His people.

I want you to say with Me as I met My Apostles at the well of the Samaritan woman, ‘My food is to do the Will of My Father and to finish His work.’

In this way you abandon your thoughts and all that you desire to God, unburdening yourselves for the work of God, and leaving your concerns to Him.

This reminds me somewhat of when Jesus told disciples about His death and that they must eat His body and drink His blood, and many of them left because it was a teaching to them that was too hard for them to absorb with their human minds, as Eucharist is still too hard for our Protestant brethren to delve into and grasp.   What He asked his disciples to believe was absurd then, and what He asks us to believe is absurd now - at least with our human eyes.  But with our eyes of faith we can see more clearly, and can add our Amen to his request.

I love you, and want freedom to be yours, it is for your greatest good in the fulfillment of the commission, to love God and others, that I ask of you to surrender now the things that encumber.

May peace fill you as I grant this grace, as it has never been so urgent before, and so great an opportunity for you to advance in the coming steps to the illumination of the world.

 It takes courage to read this, believe it, and allow Him to do what He must so that we can be who He wants and needs us to be.

He speaks in the last phrase about the "illumination of the world."  We think that we are an illuminated society.  We have so much knowledge that did not exist before.  We have learned more in the last decade than in the previous century, and our knowledge keeps growing exponentially.  But, in our thirst for knowledge we have lost track of Wisdom, which is even more important.  Having all the knowledge of the world is of no value if it is not applied with Wisdom.

God illuminates us with His Wisdom, and fills us to bursting with His Holy Spirit, if only we say "Yes Lord."  Our yes to Him is like Mary's yes to the Holy Spirit.  It is an act of submission of our will to the Divine Will.  Our submission to Him is not giving up freedom, but gaining complete and total freedom, freedom to be the best we can be, to be what we were created for, what God had in mind for us from before time began.

Will be allow our Joy to be unencumbered?  Will we allow ourselves to be set free?

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