Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trash and Truth

Father Dwight Longenecker

Father D was raised in Jolly Olde England, and many of his postings have links there. From the article, it seems that they have a problem with trash over there, much like we do here. The author of the originating piece, a right leaning atheist, notices the garbage, and the metaphor that it is for English life. His observations are meaningful, but only go so far.

Father D though, ramps it up a notch or two, adding a spiritual dimension that we, of faith, believe must be present, and brings more meaning to the situation. For him, the issue comes down to accountability, which is lost in the nanny state of the UK, but also here in Canada and in the USA. When you add in Father D's imagery of Gehenna to the mix, with appropriate history attached, the picture becomes clearer.

We tut tut about the nanny state in the UK, while we wander down that same path with blinders on. We in Canada are, for some mysterious reasons, trying to replicate the disastrous situation of our parent, and have created Human Rights Commissions/tribunals to right the imagined wrongs in our land, adding new rights regularly, most importantly, the made up right to not be offended. That has a name - political correctness, and the fruit of it is that everybody has rights and nobody has responsibilities anymore.

With the proliferation of birth control in our society, and all that that has come to mean, I have a right to have sexual relations with anyone (or thing) I want, and with abortion free for the taking here in Canada, and readily available in America, I need not take any responsibility for the product of my sexual deviance. But, what is really produced by my exercise of these rights? Nothing good, as I have observed from my own sinfulness.

What are my responsibilities?

Trash and Truth


Anonymous said...

Who is jesas ?created garbage,mobster or icon of human stupidity?

Michael Brandon said...

Wny don't you ask Jesus who He is?

He will make himself known to you, if you really care.