Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Chocolate Heart: On Beauty

Jennifer Hartline

The word beautiful to describe a woman of substance goes far beyond the mere physical. As My Dear Wife has aged, and been somewhat subject to the ravages of illness, her character and particularly her faith has grown stronger, day by day. I see it happening, and even more so than I see the impact of illness and the required medicines. I am not blind to the physical changes; they just are not nearly as significant as the growth of her inner, true beauty. So, I thank God daily for the gift of beauty in the woman that I share life and love with in the sacrament of our marriage.

Jennifer Hartline has written a thoughtful posting over at My Chocolate Heart about this. Follow the link below to read her insights.

My Chocolate Heart: On Beauty: "Tonight a thoughtful conversation with my husband turned out this question:  If you asked a woman if she would rather have her husband think..."

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