Saturday, July 31, 2010

Melanie Pritchard - A Miracle in the Works

h/t My Chocolate Heart

When a Pro-life Heroine gave birth this past Thursday, she almost passed away as a result.  This created a groundswell of prayer support for her and for her family, and today, Melanie Pritchard lives, back from the edge of death.

Catholic Online has a report from her friend Mark Henry, a frequent writer at CO, about this.  Is it a miracle?  As Mr. Henry notes, it is not for him to say, but it sure does look like it.

It looks like it to me too, because our God tends to do things up right, and sometimes in a very big way.  As a result of the request for prayers, there is evidence that some folks are returning to the practice of the faith, and that those directly involved have been girded up by the prayers around the world that have been lifted to the heavens for them and particularly for Melanie.

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