Monday, July 19, 2010

The Godless Delusion

Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley

Atheists consider themselves to be rational people, and like the theists of the world, they are, no more really and no less really.  But, by and large they do not like their assumptions about the non existence of God to be challenged, pretty much like any one or group that has a position on something, thinking pro-choice folks here.   But, responses to atheists from Christians and other believers have often fallen into the traps of using only the Bible to refute the position. 

Messrs. Madrid and Hensley appear to have produced a book that goes beyond that rationally, "The Godless Delusion", and is now available to be purchased and hopefully read.  Patrick Madrid announced it in June on his blog site here.

Here is what one of the commenters on the book had to say:
“The New Atheists came on the contemporary scene with an unprecedented mixture of confidence and scorn. And, sadly, most of the books written in response have conveyed an impression of ad hoc defensiveness. But not this one. The Godless Delusion, by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley, wages a full-scale frontal assault on the tallest turret of the New Atheists’ stronghold — the claim to moral and rational superiority. With remorseless logic, wit, skill, and boundless, joyful enthusiasm it lays waste that stronghold, routs the enemy, occupies the high ground for Christ their king, and dares anyone to retake it. Books on philosophical apologetics don’t get more exhilarating than this.”

— Ronald K. Tacelli, SJ, professor of philosophy, Boston College, co-author of Handbook of Christian Apologetics
Well, the atheists have already gotten their hands on the Amazon 15 page teaser, and although it barely scratches the surface of the book, they have already begun the screed on its condemnation over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science site here.

Mr. Madrid mentions one of the comments today on his blog site here, and well, the game is afoot.

I think I would like to read this book.

Go Patrick.

Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in your love for Patrick Madrid, and his co-author Kenneth Hensley, and all those who are being touched in any way by this book, including those who are denouncing it.

Sacred Heart of Jesus fill them all with your blood.

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