Monday, June 14, 2010

There is Evolution

Going Back to Basics

A recent reader of many of my older posts asked me some serious questions these last few days.  However, as I said to him that ship has sailed, and I am no longer in a position to properly address his concerns, thought they are valid.  But, here is the best that I can do

When I started this blog back in May 2009, I did so because I was aware of two particular cases before the Ontario Human Rights Commission, involving a personal friend of mine, where justice was not being served.  In fact, justice was being mocked in the interests of multi-culturalism, and some kind of hierarchical set of human rights that were being made up on the spot.  I started to research cases that I came across, when I found comments somewhere, or read something in the main stream media.  Where many commentators made their statements based on what others had written or on an overview, I chose to explore cases in detail, as there was, in fact, plenty of detail available.

I met Ezra Levant and Cathy Shaidle, two of the noisy prophets who rail against the establishment of the commissions and tribunals, who had the courage to speak out for the real victims of our Canadian attempt to melt us all into some kind of sick homogeneous blob.

I uncovered perfidious attack on common sense after PA on CS.  Nothing seemed sacred when some wounded loon took his hurt feelings to one of the provincial human rights commissions/tribunals or to the Canadian HRC.  In Ontario, the Ontario HRC successfully got the transit systems in every city in the province to implement call outs at all stops, on all routes, because one blind man had filed a complaint.  This cost the taxpayers of the cities humdreds of thousands of dollars for no real gain in service quality.  Because I have been dealing with a brain injury for the last several years, and am susceptible to extraneous noises, I contemplated filing my own human rights claim, but figured that I could cope, imagining the chaos I could have created.  Maybe I still should, hmmm!!

I did become aware that there was, as I noted above a hierarchy of rights that, though not officially documented, was pretty obvious as decisions were reported, and case victories for the little guy were marketed in the media.  It, of course, did not matter that many of the little guys who were victorious had never been "injured" in the first place, other than their foolish pride.

I particularly followed the case of the former Reverend Stephen Boissoin of Red Deer, Alberta.  It was perfidy at its finest, and in fact, is still not finally settled, if you can believe it.  For a letter to the Editor of the weekly rag in Red Deer in 2002, about the gay friendly school curriculum and teaching practices in the local schools, with the exclusion of the traditional Christian viewpoint, he has been punished by "trial" after "trial", and waiting for decisions, while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting to clear his own good name.  I wrote tirelessly about his appeals and original case, spoke with him on the phone, and met him in person.  I noted that when I met him he did not have horns on his head, and had a deep love for all youth, gay or straight, and desired only to help them learn about his best friend, Jesus, and how to survive in this world.  His own personal story would curl your hair.  Since I don't have that much, it just crimped mine.

In my postings my Catholic Christian faith started to surface.  And one particular day, during an exchange with Stephen Boissoin, he told me to make my faith a bigger part of my blog, and let it be my ministry to others.

That started me on a path to where I am now, on the way to God knows where.  I discovered as I prayed about what I was to write, and sought to do God's will, that there were signs for me to move in different directions.  I was losing my objectivity as I dug deeper, and I was becoming an edgy person.  The key sign was that My Dear Wife was none too pleased with what I was doing.

I came to the realisation that the negativity of the HRCs was like a vortex to me, and was slowly sucking me in to itself.  But, how is one to see evil and not be shy to attempt to stop it?

Well, I have chosen to deal with the evil of the HRCs and the evil that I see around us, since it has the same source, through prayer, and through trying to write about things that elevate, not drag down.  The human rights commissions are about punishment and victimization.  The punishment is real, the victimization may be fictitious.

I am in love with the triune God, represented by the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

There is no doubt in my mind that people act inhumanely towards each other.  Frankly, the origin of the HRCs might have been about justice at one time.

We, as people discriminate.  Most of our discrimination is not malicious nor harmful except occasionally to the feelings of a person or group of persons.  We discriminate when we select a spouse from among the many people available.  We discriminate when we select a course of studies over other available options.  Coaches discriminate against athletes who they think will not contribute to the success of their teams, and employers discrminate against people that they feel do not warrant the salary that they are being paid for the corporate rewards that that salary should derive.

This is not to diminish malicious discrimination that occurs to certain ethnic groups, and others as well, but we have laws on the books to deal with these things, and human rights commissions staffed with left wing brain dead spewers of the company line on today's codes of discrimination are not doing a very good job of looking after my human rights, I can tell you.

But, Jesus does look after me.  He does not do the things that will make every day I spend here on earth a picnic.  No, he watches over me, and the better in tune with Him I am, the better able I am to, with His guidance, weather the storms that come my way.

The answer to the inequities of human rights as they are presented in our country, is Jesus.  Whatever the question is, Jesus is the answer.  He, unlike our HRCs does not change from day to day.  Tomorrow, He will be what He was yesterday, and what He is today.  And what He is, is boundless love, not what we call love, where every day is Christmas.  No His boundless love includes the pain and suffering of Good Friday, but also the Resurrected Glory of Easter, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost.

He is the only answer I know that properly addresses man's inhumanity to man.

So, thank you Brian for your questions and for taking me back to my roots.


Brian said...

Thanks for that post. I was wondering if you received my previous 2 part post on your previous post that had this link?

Thanks again for this post. It has given me pause to think also.

Michael Brandon said...

Thank you Brian for the inspiriation.

Michael Brandon said...

It didn't seem to inspire my spelling. That would be "INSPIRATION."

Brian said...

Did you receive me previous post that had 2 parts?

Thanks again for the open and honest discussion.