Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thinking of the Priests Who Touch My Life

This morning, as My Dear Wife and I were preparing to go and meet with Father John Pirt at our Parish of St, George, here in London, I was also reminded of other priests who have come into my thoughts lately.

Last week, Both MDW and I received a group email from our friend Father Jim Mockler.  It was only a note that his email address had changed, but was a small connection that resulted in us speaking of him for a few minutes, and remembering how he has touched our lives over the years.

I also received an email from Father Clement Agamba, the Ghanan priest who lives in Tucson, who was such a blessing to us and to the people of Our Lady of Fatima Parish when we were there.  He is now a blessing to the folks over at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.  He told in his note of a friend who had passed away, and it was good to hear from him and that he is well.

In our morning prayers recently, Father Michael Prieur of St. Peter's Seminary came up in discussion, fondly of course, as all of us in attendance know him and love him.

Father Sam Johnston of Ridgetown, our retired priest friend, comes to mind often.  Though I have been unable to work on his blog for the past few weeks, his love of God and energy at 82 years of age is a blessing.

Of course, I am personally blessed to meet with Deacon George Sebok, a very dear friend most mornings, and share prayer time with him.

I have great admiration for these men, and for all the faithful priests and deacons who have touched our lives and continue to touch them.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in your love for these men I have mentioned and for all priests, deacons and religious, who have given their lives to love and serve you and to be a witness to us of the royal priesthood.

Sacred Heart of Jesus fill them and us with your blood.

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