Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is Rabble Babble?

Only in Canader, eh. Pity!

There is a site that the Flaming Kitty, BCF pointed his readers to called, which has a section called Babble, making it Rabble Babble what one might expect in the subsection. It is in fact true to the definitions below, and members were pontificating the other day on systemic white supremacist racism in Canada.

Here is the definition of Rabble:
  1. A tumultuous crowd; a mob.
  2. The lowest or coarsest class of people. Often used with the.
  3. A group of persons regarded with contempt: "After subsisting on the invisible margins of the art scene ... he was 'discovered' in the mid-80's, along with a crowd of like-minded rabble from the East Village" (Richard B. Woodward).
And here is what Babble is defined as:
  1. Inarticulate or meaningless talk or sounds.
  2. Idle or foolish talk; chatter.
  3. A continuous low, murmuring sound, as of flowing water.
Certainly, what I read was inarticulate and meaningless, as well as idle and foolish, by a low coarse class of people. At least, they call themselves like it is. I just don't get why they would want to brag about it.

Anyway, one free speech oriented individual Viking 77, who shares meaningful opinions from time to time over at the Kitty's Blog, had attempted to raise the convo over at Babble above the banal. He wandered off after being harangued by the Babblers. I visited the particular page linked above on 3 occasions, to see if I read what I thought I read, and whether it got any better with time.

In response, I can confirm that I read what I thought that I had read, and it did not improve with age, or additional commentary.

Meanwhile, over at Blazing Cat Fur's site, we engaged in a little fun and foolery amongst ourselves until Blaze chilled us with the use of big, though cool words. In response to Viking's valiant attempts to bring sanity to the Rabble who were babbling, he said the following:
Its Marxist twaddle designed to instill guilt among gullible liberals, a tactic of cultural Marxism employing elements of cultural and moral relativism to undermine society Viking.
Well, that ups the ante considerably. After I had interjected a meaningless, but fun response to the use of big words, with a suggestion that he pop over and insert them into the babble that was going on at Rabble, a reader called The Phantom took it up another notch saying:
Structural racism" is an unprovable rhetorical construct designed to beat up Conservatives and white people generally. Its what you have to resort to in a culture like ours that has decided racism is damn foolishness and moved to eliminate it in all walks of life.

When confronted with a culture that actually -is- racist, these weenies can't encompass it. They think its all politics or something.
I agree with what both of these erudite guys had to say, though I am not sure what it means. Fortunately, The Phantom had brought things back to a level that I could get totally, when he called the Babblers "weenies."

But, this I get. Since the Babblers are probably in general a bunch of white guys and gals, with too much time on their hands, and probably supported by Mommy and Daddy's money, their racist remarks against white people, of which I am one, probably would get a free pass, if one of us were to complain to the Barbara Hall thought police about it. This is undoubtedly true, even though reading the "twaddle" did hurt my feelings, such that I am beside myself. In fact the two of us are fighting over the keyboard at this very moment, making it challenging to write this posting.

Now, if we could only get them to use the word "Nazi" in there somewhere, we could go to J Ly, and have them investigated into submission. These clowns do remind me of the now infamous Canadian Nazis, that have been writing screed from their basements, and are more a threat to themselves than to any real personages, but have gained the ire of the Ceej and the CHRC.

The twaddle these clowns are spouting sounds so much like extreme Socialism, that they would give Nazi's a bad name. But, in the end it is just a form of sex by oneself, with equal abilities to bear fruit.


Joshua S. said...


"Rabble babble" is the stock-in-trade of Canada's legacy media such as the London Free Press, The Toronto Star and others. And the stenographers whose by-lines accompaany the rabble babble tall tales printed therein think themselves "journalists". It is to laugh...

Viking said...

nice analysis!

Minicapt said...

Not likely on than 'Nazi' word. The rabble quite enjoy using it to position their opposition. But of greater importance is that J Ly is probably BFF with:


Viking said...

had a quick look at that link, and one glance at her swooning over communist dictator Evo Morales had my stomach turning ....