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Personal Prophecy for Father Sam

February 20, 1998

This is the first of many, many prophecies that Father Sam has in his possession. This is a personal prophecy for Father Sam at a time when he was seeking discernment over a decision he had to make.

The original is posted over here at Life In The Spirit.

I do not profess to understand charismatic prophecy particularly. How it happens is somewhat mysterious, but since it is one of the gifts spoken of in the Acts of the Apostles, and since nothing has declared this and the other gifts to be inoperative, we have reason to believe that they are meant for our use and edification in this day and age. A site called Spirit Home has many things to say about the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, but this particular page deals with prophecy.
Ann Donkers, a Dutch woman who had emigrated to Southern Ontario, was given a gift of prophecy many years ago. She has since passed away. This gift came in poetry. When Father Sam was trying to work various things out in his life, he often went to see her, to see if she had a word from the Lord for him. He never told her what problem he was trying to resolve, because he wanted to be sure that this gift of hers was from God. Amazingly, her prophecies came in the form of poetry as you shall soon see.

At the time of this particular prophecy, Father Sam was up for retirement as a parish priest, and he was uncomfortable with whether or not to retire. His vehicle license plate reads SAM98, for the year he was planning to retire, and now remains the same, as a reminder to him that God knows best.

So with no prompting from Father Sam, here are the words that Ann Donkers delivered to him privately:
Be still and know that I am your God.
It was I, my son, who called you here.
I will being to heal and transform the hearts of your people.
This is now a special year.

I myself have chosen you;
You are my joy and my delight.
Do not suppress my Holt Spirit,
But build up my beloved Bride.

You have been going through a period
Of great struggle and of pain.
But I your God will find a way
To get your attention once again.

Side by side I walk with you;
I share your burden, you know I care.
But for the sake of my many lost ones
I allowed for you this cross to bear.

At times you get a bit discouraged
Because your answer is delayed.
I know, my child, what is best for you;
I am your God, and I am never late.

Deep within the hearts of many
I kindled a fire that soon will spread.
You are standing before a great revival,
But so many are not ready yet.

You seem to be a bit uncertain
About a decision you are to make.
Hear the cry of my lambs and sheep,
And so go on for your brothers' sake.

Strings of light will penetrate your being.
Your cross will turn to a river of light.
Hold on in spite of all your struggles;
Lean on me, and you will survive.

You are entering the most exciting years.
Call your people to fast and pray.
Continue the mission that I have given you,
And all these doubts will pass away.

Pray and intercede for my chosen ones;
I am deeply concerned about many priests.
My call must reach the ends of the earth
Until they allow my spirit to be released.
Is this really a word of prophecy from the Lord? Did Ann Donkers just make this up? I am staring at what I think is over 200 prophecies delivered through Ann Donkers. I just haven't counted or sorted them yet. If she made this up she was more talented than she let on, and I will reproduce some of her personal story at a later time, so that you can see that she was a pretty ordinary woman. Ordinary, except for this special gift.

Father Sam is ordinary too. Except for his commitment to serve the Lord every day of his life. So, as a man of prayer and devotion to God and to the Blessed Mother, he listened, but he also discerned, and he moved into areas where he felt at peace.

Because of this prophecy and others that followed, if it is such, and I believe it is, Father Sam stayed on at St. Michael's Parish, Ridgetown for another 7 years. He stayed on "for your brothers' sake" and spoken in the prophecy, and was blessed immensely by his continuation.

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