Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 Is An Important Day

It is the Birthday of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Joe Cocker wrote and performed this song for many years. This time he teams up in concert with Luciano Pavarotti to sing it, with guitar work by Alex Britti, just for you, my love.

As Joe Cocker sings at one point, "Such joy and happiness you bring" to me.

Happy Birthday.

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Joshua S. said...

Dear Mishael:

Joe Cocker is among my favourite singers of all time. We - my beloved and I - own dozens of Cocker CDs. This is my wife's favourite song of all time. She sang it to ME at our 25th anniversary celebration a decade ago. I've never been called "beautiful" by anyone else in my life, and lemme tellya, IT FELT GOOD!

Happy Birthday and a rousing GOD BLESS YOU to your "most beautiful woman in the world."