Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Circle of Blessing

Lessons I Learned Again

Many years ago, I took a brief ride down the highway with my friend Wayne Zimmer to deliver his cousin Paul someplace. When we stopped to drop Paul off, I was inspired by the Lord to give Wayne $50, out of the blue. I opened my wallet and handed him the money, and told him that God instructed me to do it. Within moments, he had turned to Paul and handed him the money. I said nothing at the time.

As we left Paul and started on our way home, I told him that I had given the money to him, and that if I had wanted to give the money to Paul, I would have done that instead. Pretty arrogant comment, in retrospect, since the idea was not mine to begin with. Wayne gently told me that God had told him to give it to Paul, which was his act of obedience.

Besides, as he next said, "you were blessed by obeying God's invitation to you to give me the money, and I was blessed by obeying God's invitation to me to give the money to Paul." So, it was a twofer. Two blessings in a matter of moments.

I thought of this as I wrote this piece at Life in the Spirit from my encounters with Fr. Sam last week.

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