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Joshua Comments on Looking for the Messiah

It Gets More Real When It Happens to You

I just woke up, a few minutes ago, and as happened the other day with a two part comment from Joshua, I opened my email and found part 1 sitting there on top of my messages. I read it and had to wait about 60 seconds for the second part to appear, and I was waiting with bated breath, because the story was left hanging. But, here is the finished comment/story. I hope you enjoy it as I did. Thanks, Joshua for sharing this delightful opportunity to find Jesus in the most unusual of places. And aren't wives the most wonderful creatures on the face of the earth?
What a delightful piece! And thought provoking in the extreme! And it just so happens that as I was reading it, my CD player was playing IF JESUS DROVE A MOTOR HOME by Christian singer-songwriter Jim White. Coincidence? Hmm...

Now, I may be flattering myself here when I say that I THINK I might be open to recognizing Elliot the Plumber as the Son of God...maybe.

I love kids, that is to say, I prefer the company of children to that of adults. And children have always been drawn to me. At social events and parties, I inevitably end up playing with the kids down in the rec room.

In Hollywood movies, children see dead people.

In real life, I find Jesus in children...all the time.

As I've gotten older, I find Jesus speaking to me through other people...all the time.

You cannot find what you aren't looking for. Ergo, seek and ye shall find.

Nowadays, I find Jesus is wherever I look for Him.

Because I have searched for Jesus my entire life, Jesus has been my constant companion - even during those times when I thought I was alone (and lonely).

In hindsight, I can see the hand of Jesus in everything I have lived through.

I cannot count the number of times I encountered Jesus speaking to me through others. Let me explain via one small example that pops to mind.

It was 1978. My wife and I had been married a couple of years, and she was VERY pregnant with our first child. We driving through the New York state countryside. It was late in the Fall. It was bitterly cold and past 11:00 p.m. as we drove through some little town. Suddenly - out of the proverbial nowhere - a man staggered into the street directly in front of us. I slammed on the brakes as the man stumbled and fell smack in the middle of the road. Absolutely enraged by the man's actions, I got out of my car and rushed towards the fallen figure on the road. I am not precisely certain of what I was thinking, but it was NOT good thoughts.

When I reached the man seconds later, the stench of alcohol on him was so strong that even the brisk wind couldn't blow it away. I "saw red" and began shaking the man, shouting that he'd almost gotten himself - gotten ALL of us - killed. In as clear a voice as I have ever heard, he opened his eyes and said: "I knew you would come, Jesus. I'm so cold and I wanted to die. Thank you for the blanket, Jesus. Thank you for the warmth. Thank you. So much. I love you, my sweet Jesus." Then his eyes closed and he slipped into unconsciousness.

I retrieved the polar blanket from the trunk of my car and wrapped the man up. With my wife, help, we loaded him into the back seat and drove to the local police station. There, we explained what had happened and asked the officer on duty for his help. The young officer quickly dispatched one of his colleagues to our vehicle, and the drunken man was removed and placed in a county jail cell for the night for his own protection. As the young officer passed by supporting this drunken man, the latter looked directly into my eyes and slurred, "Thank you, Jesus. I knew you'd come..."

A short time later, as we drove away, my wife said something that almost made me veer off the road. "Isn't it beautiful how such a broken man can have such unbroken faith in Jesus? He wasn't too drunk to recognize how Jesus can work through us, was he, Joshua? Jesus does indeed save, doesn't He?"

Now you perhaps understand why I often marvel at my wife's "angelic take" on things. In my anger at the events that had just transpired, I hadn't stopped to examine what really happened. My wife's words were like an alarm clock ringing at deafening volume.

Later, as we lay snug in our bed at a "better" motel, we talked into the morning about what had really happened. My wife reflected upon the "divine intervention" she perceived to be at work in her own everyday life in so many ways. As I listened to her ramble on about the many ways she saw Jesus and the Holy Spirit at work every day, I silently thanked God for sending me this wonderful angel who had become my lifelong spiritual partner and wife. As I slipped into sleep with my hand gently stroking our growing child within her, the last words I heard her say were "Jesus lives there, too, Joshua. Our baby has been nurtured on nothing but the Lord's prayers..."

My conviction that Jesus actually lives is absolute. I BELIEVE that Jesus lives now - today - on this earth, and works tirelessly to protect His flock in innumerable tiny and enormous ways. And because that is what I believe, I like to THINK that I would recognize Elliot the Plumber as the Son of God should I ever look into His eyes. And I pray every day that I will know and recognize my Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour at work in my life when next I open my eyes...
Makes you think, doesn't it?

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Joshua S. said...

Dear Michael:

Thank you for the video! I'd actually never seen it! I own everything Jim White has ever recorded, and the "videos in my mind" have always sufficed (for me) until now. I should have known you would somehow shed new light on this for me, Michael! You are SO dependable that way. I simply LOVED it!

Please everyone, explore the Jim White catalogue. In particluar, I can strongly recommend SEARCHING FOR THE WRONG-EYED JESUS, which is worth the price of the CD just for the story of the same name included in the CD booklet - an absolutely BRILLIANT recounting of an event in Jim White's own past.

Michael, through Freedon Through Truth, you have "made my day"! Again!

Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit put on one of the funniest stand-up acts EVER, don't They?