Monday, December 28, 2009

About that Little Incident at Detroit Airport the Other Day

You Know Where the Muslim Tried to Blow Up The Plane

Just before it disappears into the ether, some folks are giving their take on it.

BCF had a look at it Christmas Day here.

But, News Busters did a little comparison of Janet Napolitano's response to the near disaster to the response to Mrs. Murphy's cow of Chicago Fire Fame, from 1871 here.

So, a disaster averted by the Grace of God, becomes a system functioning effectively in the views of Homeland Security. I feel secure, but then I live in Canada, about 120 miles from Detroit. What am I feeling so smug about? The incident would have been scary enough on its own, without the spinning around it.


Joshua S. said...


"Islamist" is a semntically fraught "plastic word" that is not REAL LANGUAGE - somewhat like the Freud-coined non-word "plastic word" SEXUALITY. (i.e. Maggie was "exploring her sexuality" is a handy replacement for "Maggie is promiscuous/a slut/degrading herself.")

The attempted murder of over 250 innocent air travellers was perpetrated by a Muslim, Michael. Trying to tart it up with meaningless secularist plastic words only obfuscates the issue.

mbrandon8026 said...

I don't see no Islamist there no mo. I accept your semantic correction, and have fixed it.

If a left wing, psychopathic, deluded nutbar from Scratch Ass tickle Newfoundland, who also happened to go to a Baptist Church three times in his life had tried to blow up the plane, he would have been referred to as a Radical Christian Fundamentalist probably, not given one of those cute semantic anomalies as a moniker.

So, I will try to remember to call a spade a spade, and not a spoon.

Joshua S. said...


I just read my comment and must apologise for the "tone". I simply reacted as a WRITER to the use of recently coined non-language "plastic words" which are meaningless. "Islamist" (which was featured in the original headline) and "Islamophobia" are two such words. "Islamist" is no more a word than is "Christianist".

And while it is tempting, describing post-modern secular wankers like Christopher Hitchens or Ontario Human Rights Commission Barb Hall as "Christophobic" or "Christianophobic" ultimately serves nobody. Hence, I must be satisfied with the descriptors "wankers" or - better yet! - "fools".

Finally, I didn't know that you were familiar with Scratch Ass Tickle, Nfld. I heard this morning that Scratch Ass Tickle's anthropomorphic baked goods community is as enraged as its sister communities across Canada with Mark Steyn's rendition of "Sweet Gingerbread Man".

Honestly, the practice of "offencism" MUST stop, and "nicism" should be encouraged with a healthy dollop of "heartism".

Let me take this opportunity to express my God-Blessisms to your Christianist and Christophobic readers alike.

Time for me to also express my goodbyeism. But I'm an I'llBebackist of the first order. See ya!

mbrandon8026 said...

I am ism'ed out. I am in essence looking for a schism from the world of ism.

That's my final word (at least for the moment).

Joshua S. said...

You're a schismist? OMG! I didn't know! I'm a tad schismophobic myself (sorry), but you schismists are too thin-skinned for the likes of wordists like me.

Ismism is EATING UP THE WORLD! Arghhhhhh!

mbrandon8026 said...

Ismn't that a shame?