Monday, December 21, 2009

Sorry, No Room At The Inn

US Health Reform Tells the Unborn

Jennifer Hartline over at Catholic Online and My Chocolate Heart asks the question: "How can we welcome the Infant King when we refuse to welcome our own infants?"

For those of us who live in Canada, US Health Reform (what an oxymoron that is) will possibly, if successful take Americans to state funded abortion. Here, in Canada, we have had abortions funded by the state for years. We hardly bat an eye here in Canada; we are so politically correct. Do you think we could muster up a little more love and concern for the unborn here in Canada. folks?

In the New Year, I will be telling some stories of a mother and father, who fought to keep their newborn infant alive, and have been fighting to find truth in what happened in their daughter's short life.

But, for the moment, ponder this. If a 15 year old, unmarried, Jewish girl was pregnant today, she would be pestered by everybody she knew to have an abortion. She would be lied to, and manipulated to have her baby rent from her womb in shreds, with the blood of that baby's death on her hands, and on the hands of the abortionist and staff at the abortion mill. But, it does not end there; it would also be on your hands and my hands because we have allowed it to happen. We have stood by and said and done nothing to prevent it.

Yet, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, would still love us so much, that he would find a way to come to earth as a human being, and he would still allow himself to be killed, for each and every one of our sakes. Then, he would be resurrected by the power of God, who He is, to show you and me that death has no power over Him, nor over us. He loves us that much.

Oh, and Mary, that pregnant, 15 year old Jewish girl, knew who she was carrying in her womb, and would not have allowed him to die by abortion. She knew that the child in her womb was made in the image and likeness of God, like all children, but she also knew who this little child was that was in her womb. Oh, that reminds me; every child, once conceived is in the image and likeness of God. Does that give you any thoughts about how evil abortion is?

Oh, and here is a song to that infant King, Jesus.

Anyway, here is what Mrs. Hartline has to say:
There is no room in the Inn. That much has not changed. But this year, it’s not simply that the sign says “No Vacancies” – it’s that the sign being nailed to the front door reads, “Not Wanted. We could make room, but you’re Not Welcome. Go Away or Be Killed.”

That is the chorus rising up from the din in Washington, D.C. this weekend. We know exactly what human life costs – the price of a vote. Be it millions or billions, there is ultimately a figure at which men will sell each other for personal gain. I suppose that fact has always been true, but this year it seems much more profane because the ones being sold to the executioner are our own children.

It is unspeakably crass and repugnant that Reid and this Administration are demanding this national monstrosity be finalized by Christmas. It is a sad, sad testament to the fact that our nation has lost its soul. We will commemorate the birth of the Christ Child by passing legislation that mandates the use of people’s tax dollars to pay for abortion nationwide. “Happy Birthday, Jesus. I guess You’re lucky to have made it out of the womb alive.”

It is a telling irony that we should not miss. We should pay close attention to the bitterness of this timeline and heed the warning. How can we welcome the Infant King when we refuse to welcome our own infants? Indeed, we do not welcome our own children precisely because we do not welcome Christ. It is no wonder we don’t recognize Him.

That our government is hell-bent (pun intended) on passing this “health care” reform by their self-imposed Christmas deadline screams loudly of their determination to turn a deaf ear to the people, cover their eyes to the lunacy of their own legislative actions, and steamroll ahead without caring in the least who they run over. They are public non-servants without integrity or honor. And they bow and pay considerable homage to our non-Leader. They want to hand him this bill as a Christmas gift… how heartrendingly ironic.

The Magi traveled far to bring their most precious gifts to the Newborn King, to bow before Him in worship and give glory to God. This week, our nation just might bow to our phony king and give him not our precious gifts of love, but the blood of our children and the broken spirits of their mothers.

It has certainly cast a shadow over this joyous Christmas. My heart feels much like the verse Henry Longfellow penned in 1864:

And in despair I bowed my head
“There is no peace on earth,” I said.
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Thankfully Longfellow didn’t end there, but went on to declare the undefeatable truth:

Then peeled the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

With greater urgency than ever before, those who will welcome and love this Christ Child must raise their voices, clear as a bell, and ring out the praises of our Newborn King. Greetings of Merry Christmas are regarded as offensive, images of the manger scene are forcibly taken down, and carols which mention Jesus are silenced in public. And now we may greet Him on Christmas morning with a sword.

Enough. Wherever you are, let your voice be as the loudly peeling Christmas bells in joyful praise and humble gratitude. God came. Christ the King is born!

We must also, immediately, make our voices heard in the halls of the Senate and the White House and tell them that we will not accept this Death Bill and it is shameful of them to pass such a thing on the Eve of the Lord’s birth. Pray tonight that God will raise up men and women in power who will find the courage they have thus far lacked, the clarity they have thus far not had, and will now decide to reject this terrible bill and demand that all human life be protected.

A vote on cloture could come by midnight Sunday or the wee hours of Monday morning. Do not wait – call your Senators right now. This is the moment to speak out. Proclaim the dignity of every child as we wait to welcome the Christ Child. And pray!

I beg our sweet Jesus to forgive us for what we are doing to Him, to our children. Make us turn to you, Lord. Show us Your face, and we shall be saved. Come Emmanuel… and be Thyself our King of Peace.

Jennifer Hartline is a Catholic Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three precious kids who writes frequently on topics of Catholic faith and daily living. She is a contributing writer for Catholic Online.

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