Friday, December 18, 2009

The Love Story Gets Better and Better

So, the Outcome of Telling Joshua's Story is . . . . More Story

My version of what transpired in poetic form (sort of):
I had written a posting, mostly copied, you see
About men loving women, and being quite free
To give of their hearts, to the one they adore
And finding that love is returned, and more.

Well, my friend Joshua sent me a note.
About the love of his life, his bride he wrote
How the circumstance strange led to love's sweet fire
And the flames they get hotter and higher and higher.

The story was too good to just let it pass
So, I quickly sat down upon my . . . chair.
Made a blog posting for the world to know
That true love when it happens is quite a show.

Well, his beloved is traveling away from home
And my posting found her, where'er she did roam.
After she read his version of things
She got on the phone and gave him a ring.

She told him she loved it and him even more.
She gave him her version and things continued to soar.
Love is not bound by time or space,
Just two hearts together with Heavenly grace.

2,000 miles is a pittance for those
Whose love for each other grows and grows.
It is the grace of our God that acts as the glue
To a love that has been called to be faithful and true.
Anyway, my apologies for my poetic license. I seem to have let it lapse.

Here is what really happened between Joshua and his dear wife.
My wife is on an extended trip abroad right now. This year - for the second time in our marriage - we will not be (physically) together for Christmas. Family matters necessitated that my wife return to Scotland for an extended period. We'll get through it again, but it ain't EASY!

My wife called me this morning, in tears. She'd visited FREEDOM THROUGH TRUTH and read what you posted. Her precise words were the following:

"Sweetheart, that is the most beautiful Christmas present you could EVER have arranged for me. It brought back so many memories. Did I ever mention to you that I prayed every night during those first four days that you would never leave? That I knew from that first handshake that you were THE ONE?"

I assured her that she had.

"But have I told you lately?" she insisted.

"Ahem! Didn't you just make this phone ring? If you did, then you have."

Having my "most beautiful woman in the world" call me at the crack of dawn to tell me that she loves me so much that she was moved to tears got my day off to a stellar start!

Thank you, Michael. You're the first man I've ever met who has facilitated an "I love you" message between my wife and I. AND WE DON'T MIND IT ONE BIT.

God bless you! And you are so right! A good marriage can happen between two people, but it really does take a third - God Himself - to make a marriage SPECTACULAR. My wife and I know we have been blessed with one another, and that God blesses our love every second of every day.
Good on you, both!!!

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