Friday, June 13, 2014

Stop Wasting Time

I am an inveterate time waster.  Since I no longer have a job that I have to get dressed for and get out the door to go to, I don't.  I have my relationship with my wife to nurture, have friends and pursuits that occupy my time, but a lot of time is wasted in my day.

But, I have had a sense that I am called into a deeper relationship with Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour. Anyone who has spent a modicum of time in prayer would probably sense that, so there is not special revelation in the earlier statement.  But, frankly what does that mean - to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?

Fortunately, a new prophecy arrived late last night that gave a clearer answer to that for me.  As I have noted previously, there is a soul under the direction of Father Sam Johnston in Ridgetown Ontario who receives words of prophecy from Jesus that she writes down and which I have the privilege of posting to the internet over at a blog for Father Sam called Life in the Spirit.

As also stated previously, there is no obligation for anyone to believe these words.  They are not approved by the Church, and will not be any time in the near future, since they are not required to be, and there is no move by anyone for them to become official from a Catholic Church perspective.  If you read them and if they support your faith in the teachings of the Catholic Church, in other words if they line up with the Bible, teaching of the Magisterium and Catholic Tradition, then let them draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus, as this latest prophecy has invited us.

I am finding these prophecies to be getting deeper into us and Him, and how we are to function in Him, and relate to Him.

Here are a few key excerpts from the prophecy starting with the opening lines:
My call to you is continuous, what I am seeking from you is an ongoing personal relationship.
That is a relationship where you will ask Me and tell Me about the small things of your day, important and insignificant things, your hopes and dreams.
So, Jesus, the Saviour of the world is interested in the small things of our days, not just the big stuff, the tiff you had with your wife, or your son or daughter, or your boss,  the anxiety you feel when you have a bad day at the office, factory or other employment.  You know, there are some things you don't even discuss with your spouse, because you do not want to cause stress or strain for him/her, and so you have nowhere to go with these things.  You might go to a friend and unload on him or her about your challenges.

Jesus has told us in other prophecies on the same site to keep our own counsel on many things, and not to blab them to others.  Well, sometimes I need to get it off my chest, and here He says to tell it to Him.

But, it's not all about me and Jesus wants us to think about Him and His needs:
I long for you to be concerned with the things that concern Me also, and how you might be of help with prayer and sacrifice
Tell Me perhaps what made you think warmly of Me today, and what may have caused you sorrow, tell Me of dear friends and family who may have increased your love.
Jesus wants us constantly looking for TRUTH.  For me that is a challenge.  Most times I am more interested in being right than in really knowing the truth.  I mean, I can tell that something is basically true, and if that lines up with what I want it to be, then I often go no further.  Painfully, I find out often that what I thought was true was, but had not gone deep enough and so created a stubborn conflict with a loved one that was not necessary, and was therefor painful when pain was not required.

The prophecy is filled with gems as they always are, and is worth some prayerful contemplation.

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