Monday, March 5, 2012

Does God Exist?

Some find it hard to believe in a God they cannot see.  In this world we inhabit, we have come to such an intellectual place that if it is not within our own imaginings, or cannot be seen, touched, felt, tasted, or smelled it does not exist. 

Some would even tell you that "I am God, the master of my destiny."  That is a load of mallarkey, though other descriptive words more readily come to mind.

So, the world was created by this Big Bang, right?  And then out of the nothingness that existed before this Big Bang, stuff started to happen randomly, right?   And voila!! We have the world we live in as it is now.   Believing that takes a lot of faith.

But the God who actually created this world, and everything in it speaks quietly, often in silence, where his creation speaks for him.

When you look at the video linked below called "The Life of Flowers", and see the array of colour and majesty in just a few of the flowers of our universe, as they open up to show their beauty to the world, can you really put that all down to a Big Bang?

I will put My God up against your Big Bang any day of the week?

Go to this URL and see "The Life of Flowers"

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trebert said...

you might be interested in recognizing the bigger picture which is contained in the 'Big Bang'. And how everything resulting from that single incredible event projected by God ultimately evolved to create you, me, the flowers, etc., and the entire universe.