Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Touch of Deja Vu: The Case against Rev. Gordon ...

The Truth is Relative?

Does the truth matter? We Christians know that the truth alone can set you free. Yet, we see evidence daily of where intentional lies and falsehoods are treated as factual truths, and produce success for their bearers. Thou shalt not bear false witness, or so the commandment goes, yet it is everyday fare for so many among us.

The case that was put together against Father Gordon MacRae, the author of These Stone Walls is one of those blatant circumstances where lies of gargantuan proportions were perpetrated by alleged victims, and possibly also by investigating detectives, and prosecutors, though maybe the detectives and prosecutors were just so focused on their objective that they lost their . . . objectivity.

Ryan MacDonald who has done a lot of long distance research into the tragic case of Father Gordon has once again brought some of the lies and corruption to the surface about this case.  And still midst all the evil falsehoods perpetrated against this man of God, he languishes in prison, and his accusers go free to spend their ill gotten lucre.

The story will not end well for those who deal in lies and falsehoods.  It just may take some time.  My hope and prayer for all those who have contributed to the deceptions that have kept Father Gordon in prison for about 17 years is that the lies are weighing on the hearts and minds of those who were their source, and that God's Holy Spirit is working to turn their hearts back to Him, who is the Truth.

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