Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I Was Going to Drive Over to the Corner For Some Milk

But That Would be a Challenge

As you can see, well you can't see really, our car that has the snow tires on it (Our Ontario Car) is parked on our driveway, I think.  At least, I think we have a driveway.  Last time I saw it on Saturday, we had a driveway.

Here in London, Ontario, we have what is called "lake effect" snow from time to time. Usually it hits about 30 miles east of us at Woodstock, and it did there too. But, we have about 3 feet of it and London is officially closed for business for the day, actually about the second day in a row.  Port Huron, Michigan, and Sarnia, Ontario were reported last night to have had a "trace" of snow.

Well, there was a driveway there a few days ago.  In fact, last night it was plowed by our snow plowing friend.

But, it is beautiful looking out our back window at the park beyond our fence.

So, My Dear Wife and I are hunkered down (without milk - oh the sacrifices we must make).  She is playing Christmas music, this being her favourite musical time of the year.  Another sacrifice is that we loaned our Christmas movies (all 15 of them) to two of our daughters last night, who braved the elements to come and check up on us.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Advent in preparation for Christmas.

But, in three weeks, My Dear Wife and I will be on the road, if we can find it, heading to a warmer (snow free) winter in Tucson Arizona.

The scene outside our windows is gorgeous, and I really do like it, and it will be nice for us that we only get to enjoy it for one month, instead of five.

Currier and Ives have nothing on us today.


My Chocolate Heart said...

So beautiful! Send me some please!! What does "lake effect" mean? How's it different from regular snowfall?

Stephen said...

wow, and we thought the snow was bad down our way!!! it is a beautiful scene indeed. I recently bought a Christmas carol book the other day but it is only for piano and not for guitar. It is not that helpful to me so...

Keep warm and enjoy your trip down to tucson Arizona.

Pax Christi

Michael Brandon said...


I tried to email you some snow to Virginia, but it seems to have been stopped at the border.

We are 40 miles (65 kilometres) from Lake Huron and Lake Erie. So, we tend to get a lot of humid air in the summer.

In the winter the effect of air passing over the lakes tends to dump piles of snow 30 miles east of here, where the air warmed by the lakes and saturated with water cools.

Sometimes the air cools sooner and we get it here in London.


Canadian snow tends to be whiter than Irish snow, and we have to hire plows to move it, since we do not have any leprechauns to help us out.

I learned to play guitar with piano books, using the chord charts which should be above the music.

Here are the chord charts with some sheet music as well, for several Christmas songs.