Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Pastor in Town

Funny (Not True) Story

A young boy is standing in front of a store as his mother shops inside.  He is approached by a well dressed man, who asks him for directions to the post office.  He tells him that he is to go two blocks down in the direction he is pointing, and then turn right.  He is to go another block and there is is on his left.

The man thanks him and then introducing himself, tells him that he is Father O'Leary and that he has just come to town as the pastor of the local Catholic Church.  He invites the young boy and his family to come to his new church where he will show them about the way to heaven.

The young boy, being sharp off the mark, says:  "C'mon Father, how can you show us the way to heaven?  You can't even find the post office."

H/t My Dear Wife

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