Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What are We Here After?

The Hereafter

Arthur DeMoss, founder and president of National Liberty Corporation, used to tell a story before his death in 1979 about a meeting he had with a law school student about his future plans. His son, Mark DeMoss wrote about it in his book "The Little Red Book of Wisdom".

As Mark DeMoss proudly writes, the conversation went something like this:

"Son, tell me about your plans after law school."

"I hope to get a job with a good firm and start making some money.:

"That sounds fine. And then what?"

"Well, at some point, and hopefully not too late, I want to get married."

"I hope you do, son. And then what?"

"I want to get a nice house and start a family."

"Of course, and then?"

"And then I want to raise my kids in good schools and earn enough money to save for a second home."

"Right . . . right. What then?"

"Then I hope to be making enough money to slow down and take vacations with my wife and children."

"And then?"

"Well, I guess I'd like to see my kids get married and start their own families. I'd like to see them become independent and financially secure."

"Good goals, all. What then?"

"If I've taken care of myself, I can hope to live long enough to raise my grandchildren. I hear that's even better than raising children."

"I hear that too. Then what?"

"Well, I hope I'll be healthy enough to enjoy my later years, maybe travel some with my wife and see the world. I want to make the most of retirement and pass along my money to my children so they can benefit as I have."

"And then?"

The young man paused. "I guess, eventually . . . I'll die."

"Yes, you will. And then what?"

Kinda puts HRCs into a different perspective doesn't it. If you take the long view, some of this day to day nonsense is just that, day to day nonsense.

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