Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Thoughts from Reading Macleans

My wife and I read Macleans weekly/weakly. I find Mark Steyn and several of the column writers to be very pithy with their comments, and I don't have a lithp. it is a very Canadian publication, and it is Canada Day after all, even if Macleans is not Jennifer Lynch's cup of tea.

She certainly couldn't have enjoyed his article this week. Tough noogies. Eh!!

There was an article about s?x (you know). In it, Canadians apparently have more sex partners than almost everybody in the world, except the Austrians. Who knew? Even more importantly, who cared?

But what I found most curious was that Canadian men reported having 23 partners in a lifetime, and Canadian women reported having 10 partners in a lifetime. I am having trouble with the math on that. It does not bother me that the average man in Canada has had a lot more partners than I have. That suits me fine. If there were 2.3 times more women than men in Canada, then I could see how men have 2.3 more partners than the women. Aside from that, the options include an amazing proliferation of gay men, which would require a proliferation of celibate women to achieve the 23:10 balance. I did assume that sex partners for purposes of the survey were 2 legged.

The only explanation that does not defy logic for me is the expansive male ego, and the secretive female ego.

Curious, though not terribly important. But it is a holiday.

By the way. Happy Canada Day.

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