Monday, July 6, 2009

Is Gay Pride an Oxymoron?

Festivities in Toronto Last Week should Bring Shame not Pride to Gays Everywhere

I know a young pair of women quite well, who claim to me that they are Gay, and I take them at their word. However, their gayness is such a small part of the panoply of them as individuals and even together that it is not particularly noticeable, nor should it necessarily be. These two women are the two kindest people that I know. You don't have to spy on them to catch them doing some kind act for one or many others in this world. They are pretty out there about it, not by drawing attention to themselves. It's just that whenever you try to get together with them, they are busy doing something for somebody to help them out. So, when I think of a noun to describe them, it is "friends", and when I think of an adjective to go along with it, I think of "kind". Gay does not factor into it. It neither adds nor detracts.

Contrast this with the Pride Parade in Toronto this past week, and these two pictures that have been posted on the internet from it that form part of the collage of depravity that transpired in Ontario's largest city. Please note that there is nudity in both of these pictures. In the first picture, Toronto's Finest look on here. In the second picture, we see a bunch of old men displaying what they were born with in front of the Hudsons Bay store here. Have you no shame?

It is my understanding that public displays of nudity are illegal in this country. Yet, the police of Toronto were only into crowd control. I wonder if any non-gays watching the parade had taken off their clothes and yelled out, "I am not gay", if they would have been arrested. Anyway, if someone were to walk down Yonge Street naked today, I expect that they would get arrested, as well they should.

Our Federal government gave $400,000 for this tourist spectacle. Words fail me.

The City of Toronto scaled back Canada Day festivities but this garbage went on. The City workers are on strike so they won't pick up the garbage, but they let it happen on the street.

The behaviour in this parade was disgusting. It did nothing to make non Gay people supportive of gay people, nor should it make the many well meaning gay people in this world proud of their fellows who were there. The lack of denouncement of the behaviour by the Police of Toronto and the elected leadership of the City was disgusting, and should be reflected at polling time by the electorate.

Stephen Boissoin is not supposed to comment on such depravity because the Alberta HRC forbade him from doing so. They muzzled him forever from "publishing in newspapers, by email, on the radio, in public speeches, or on the internet, in future, disparaging remarks about gays and homosexuals." But really, they aren't just muzzling him, they are muzzling us all. And it is not just the Alberta HRC, but all their fellow members of CASHRA.

So, if you find this kind of disgusting behaviour is not your cup of tea, then continue to say nothing as you have in the past, and watch it grow. Don't forget to "tut, tut" when it goes more southerly than you would like. Oh, and blame the government for it. But, whatever you do, sit on your hands and do nothing about it.

When the world around you goes to hell in a handbag, then look in the mirror, and repeat the following quote from Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

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