Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flim Flamming the Jim Jam

When Will the Dam Break?

Marc Lemire might not be your cup of tea. I don't know him, and really don't know his politics, though I have heard about them, and they sure are not mine. Having looked at his Freedom Site blog, all I have seen is frustration and anger at Human Rights abuses by government agencies against him and others, usually like him.

But what I do admire is his dogged determination to get under the covers of the Canadian HRC particularly, and their shenanigans against him in trying to convict him of hate speech. It is Marc Lemire that caught the CHRC spooks for posting hate speech themselves on various sites to lure haters out where they could prosecute them, even if Jennifer Lynch tries to deny it.

Walker, over at the Lynch Mob has cross posted the results of Mr. Lemire's Freedom of Information Request and blog entry here about what the RCMP provided him. Fortunately, Mr.Lemire has seen enough of Canadian winters to know when he is being snowed, and has lived through the deceit long enough to know the truth or at least most of it to be able to interpret large sections of blackened out text for us. Even with what he was able to get, it does not agree with what Ms. Lynch said lately about it.

As a Canadian citizen, I am disgusted at the deceit that agencies in this country that are supposed to be protecting HUMAN RIGHTS are prepared to undertake. But, it gets even sicker when there appears to be collusion from policing agencies and others who we have always trusted to serve and protect us. However, in fairness to them, I think they have been deluded just like the rest of us by the CHRC juggernaut.

Our fear in this country should not be about the Marc Lemire's and neo nazis spouting their particular brand of filth. It should be about the kind of suppression of free speech that is occurring in our country now that will make a day come when, having had our freedoms taken from us bit by bit, that that garbage looks more attractive to those who feel oppressed by the "establishment machine."

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