Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Weekend- Gordon Sinclair Perspective

Maybe You Remember 1973 It's a Lot Like 2009

1973 was a bad year for America. The US economy was in tough straits, Vietnam ended badly, and friends were hard to come by. But one unlikely curmudgeon, Gordon Sinclair, stood up for our neighbours to the South, on his radio broadcast at Radio Station CFRB in Toronto on June 5, 1973. In his most famous "Let's Be Personal" broadcast, he read what he had just written about "The Americans."

Here's what he said on the radio that day about our friends.

And, here's the background, and what happened after that made it so significant to the relations between our two countries and how it inspired our good neighbours at a time when most everyone else was turning their backs.

Happy Independence Day Weekend, Neighbours and Friends.

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