Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A couple of Links for Today

Lazy Day But There is Good Stuff Out There

Ezra Levant has a link to the You Tube taping of The Shakedown Song here. It's Support Ezra Levant Day. While you are at this site listening to the Shakedown Song, make a donation if you can or wish to for his Defence fund.

Deborah Gyapong had it first, but Ezra has a bit of the back story, so I have linked you to his copy of it.

Fellow blogger and buddy Walker Morrow at The Lynch Mob has been posting some cool things (mine included) about stuff and such, including Jim Corcoran. Here is a good posting he cross linked from Scary Fundamentalist. Walker's copy is here, and SF's is over on his blog here below an update on the Corcoran thing.

And, any day is Support Stephen Boissoin Day, so I urge you to drop by his blog and support him too, please.

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