Saturday, January 9, 2010

WaMo and BCF's Cats No Match for this Puddy

Cat Called for Jury Duty

A Boston cat named Sal Esposito got called for jury duty recently.  Seems that Mrs. Esposito included him in a recent census form as a family pet.

She applied to have Sal excluded from the jury on the basis that Sal does not speak English. 

The jury commissioner is not buying such a lame excuse.  So, in the event that Sal is not disqualified, Mrs. Esposito plans to take him to court on the appointed date.

How much worse could it be having Sal on the jury than some of the other eligible peers?

Here's the video and news story from WHDH in Boston.

Maybe we could get Sal made a member of one of our Human Rights Tribunals.  Oh, that won't work, he's an American.

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